Epic’s CEO shouldn’t be riling the mob going after Ooblets over its Epic exclusivity

From Rock Paper Shotgun: "As many good-lookin’ small-budget games are wont to, Ooblets has signed a timed exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store in exchange for extra funding. That’s common enough that we didn’t even post about it. Also disappointingly common is the harrassment which follows, here directed at Glumberland, the tiny two-person development team behind the ‘kinda Pokémon with cute dance-offs‘ game.

The studio misjudged the tone of their announcement and that’s being used to justify some real unjustifiable garbage. What makes this especially frustrating is a response from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, who tweeted an unfunny joke using the Ooblets outrage as a punchline. Nice one. That’ll calm everyone down."

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harmny723d ago

Good job Sweeney. Keep making the irrational part of the gaming community mad. It amuses me.
Btw. Your store is crap for now but your engine is amazing.

723d ago
quent723d ago

Name 3 AAA games at the the top of you're head that uses EU4 engine, go

harmny723d ago

star wars fallen jedi order
kingdom hearts 3
final fantasy VII remake

thats at the top of my head. there are probably many more. and when you go one step down from AAA to great indie games there are hundreds

Peekayboo723d ago

The Ooblets dev went full retard to the point where my GF who actually was following the game is sad because she'd feel bad about buying it now. It doesn't matter what Tim Sweeney says the damage has been done already. We're going to be playing Temtem instead.

harmny723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

what damage? the epic deal guarantees profits. no matter what the developer is making money to live off the game.
EGS users will buy it and epic cover the costs for all the haters that wont buy it. sounds like a win win to me. he can even get a better girlfriend now that hes going to be rich.

saying people have more serious thing to worry about like climate change instead of a launcher is not going full retard. its just bad PR.

but he is right. you know why? because while "hardcore gamers" complain and cry about every single thing. casual gamers expend 100 million dollars on microtransactions and they take over the gaming industry.

Peekayboo723d ago

Just because you have a guaranteed pay check doesn't mean you should lash out against everyone in a childish manner and commit career suicide. Plenty of games have taken the Epic money and not attacked their playerbase.

How hard is it to say "Epic bought exclusivity right to our game for a year for the projected lifetime earnings. After one years time we'll be releasing on all platforms."

He said a lot more than that and it's going to be attached to him for as long as he is in the industry.

You're a bit off on the numbers, whales are 90% of the income of low skill high microtransaction games.
Do you really want games that are just made to milk money out of stupid people?

xVOLTx723d ago

EGS... A failed attempt brought to you by Fortnite hype.

harmny723d ago (Edited 723d ago )

Failed attempt. I see a tons of articles per day. That's success not failure. Failure is the discord store that you probably didn't know it existed

Peekayboo723d ago

Those articles are typically bias rage bait or don't give all the info which is just a sad state of the news businesses at this point. It may be a win but only if the reader doesn't know the full story or is bias against the gaming community.

Can you really compare Discords store to Epic throwing ludicrous amounts of money at devs for exclusives.
Epic has spent a ton of money and they're going to need to earn it all back on 12% profit from game sales. They're in it for the long game but it's also a massive gamble that Epic can afford.