Metal Gear Solid Voice Actor David Hayter Responds to EVO's Use of Snake During Tekken 7 Tournament

Hayter doesn't seem to be too pleased with EVO's "joke" this past weekend.

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PhoenixUp78d ago

It’s a joke yet nobody laughing

78d ago
Last_Boss78d ago

If I were him, I would push for snake to join Tekken.

jeremyj291378d ago

Dragonov is actually heavily based on Snake.

chazjamie78d ago

No he is not. Dragonov is a member of the Spetsnaz and is basically mute. None of this sounds like Snake.

Last_Boss78d ago

I had a inkling of a feeling of that.

jeremyj291378d ago

@chazjamie his fighting style is basically CQC. Based on doesn't mean carbon copy.

IamTylerDurden178d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Hayter is always pissed about something. He got lucky with MGS at a time when videogame voice acting was not taken seriously. He's a mediocre voice actor and a relic from the past who should thank his lucky stars that Snake made him relevant. I'm sick of David Hayter acting like he owns the character. You got lucky bro, you aren't Troy Baker, you don't own Konami, just be thankful for the opportunity that Hideo Kojima and Co gave you and move on. Tbh, if anyone wants a good Snake without dealing with the temperament of Hayter just call Doug Cockle. He sounds like Snake and has more depth.

FishTank78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

he doesn't own snake. but then again what is solid snake without him.
he is the cheese of the cheese burger, they go hand and hand.

78d ago
IRetrouk77d ago (Edited 77d ago )


CDbiggen78d ago

The temperament of Hayter? What are you talking about? He's a really genuine guy and other than being shafted for MGSV, I can't think of any other time he's been pissed at something.

Eidolon78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

He's always asked about shit like this or it comes up and someone does a negative spin. It's infuriating, I've heard podcasts and recordings about it. He's not the bad guy.

rainslacker78d ago

I think he's an alright actor, but i'm curious why he acts like he owns the character. Konami can allow or disallow the use of the character how they see fit without getting his input. If hes due residuals for any licensing, then he can take that up with konami.


If it weren't hayter, itd be someone else. He was just the English voice actor. He brought the character alive, but he doesn't own the character. The character was conceived without him in mind.

78d ago
mijayire78d ago

He made Solid Snake the icon he is.

TheDragonSlayer78d ago

Hayter is the greatest video game voice actor of all time. You must be smokin something.

MWH76d ago

did no one teach you that, the first rule of MGS fans is: you do not talk shit about David Hayter.

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Abnor_Mal78d ago

The title of this article should really be "Metal Gear Solid Ex Voice Actor David Hater..."

Leaving they "Y" out of his last name seemed appropriate.

mastershredder78d ago

Love it when the hired talent think they are the game and just can't let go. You are 50 years old yo. Seriously David, grow some nuts and move on.

RabbitFly78d ago

They used him in marketing material. Not just the character, his voice too. Without asking him or Konami. Technically this would be considered a breach of copyright, and he has every right to speak up.

Eidolon78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Bro, he is either retweeted or questioned about shit like this and he responds, and a spin is made. He doesn't do this on a whim, and he is in his right to speak up about this particular matter, as it actually could be considered infringement.

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