These 10 Ridiculously Expensive Amiibo Will Break the Bank

Amiibo began as bite-sized additions to games, but they quickly became the target of scalpers. Here are some of the most expensive amiibo you can buy.

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Gridknac413d ago

Lol, I wouldn't piss on 'em, even if they was on fire.

Sono421413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

"quickly became the target of scalpers"

You have literally no one except Nintendo to blame for this, them intentionally only sending out a select few in bursts and some more than others to create the more "rare" ones, all to give a created sense of demand and incentive for this pathetic rat race to see who can hurry up and buy the new Amiibo before it sells out in a day and won't get more out for who knows how long, and when they do it will be ANOTHER insanely small batch. Not to mention intentionally pricing Amiibo higher that they KNOW will be more popular. It's all just so scummy.

Seriously though, paying basically the price of a new game for a low quality figurine with little to no functionality anymore is such a scam, and Amiibo has been a scam from the beginning. Also don't even try to come and tell me these are high quality, anyone who actually collects real figurines will laugh in your face.

Couple that with the horrible and anti consumer ways these are released and you've got one steaming pile of created demand that the people just eat right up. If EA or Activision did anything like this everyone would have their pitchforks at the ready, but it's Nintendo and they're everyone's best friend so they get a free pass....

MeteorPanda413d ago

interesting they didnt put up advent children cloud. lol that bitch is 120 dollars aud on ebay atm

OmarBanat413d ago

I know there's the cloud player 2 smash amiibo where he has his advent children garb on, but you can find those for $20 on ebay. I'm not aware of any advent children amiibo though.

ZacSkye413d ago

Glad I got them all when I did.

Sono421410d ago

Found Nintendo's whale.