Is This the Year That PES Finally Defeats FIFA?

With a change in name to eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, PES is preparing for its yearly September battle with FIFA.

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2pacalypsenow727d ago


FIFA is too big, a Name change wont change anything.

People are already hooked on their Ultimate Team.

TheColbertinator727d ago

Not for me. Until PES gets Bundesliga I'm not even playing it.

Yi-Long727d ago

If you're on PS4 or PC, you can simply download and install an Option File, and you'll have the Bundesliga, along with all the other big official leagues you would want.

727d ago
milohighclub726d ago

@Jay then why do you buy an EA game? They're notorious for locking away half the game and charging for it.

726d ago
Inzo727d ago

Thats unfortunate because PES as a Football game is better than FIFA

InKnight7s726d ago

Am serious here, I left PES in 2011. At that time, FIFA is innovation and PES was just running and fast ball. What the points making PES better? And since when?

Yi-Long726d ago


I think many people left PES in that period, and that's because it just wasn't that good anymore, compared to PES4 & 5. PES really struggled that generation (PS3/XBOX360), and at the same time, FIFA had really improved and simply was the better game on the market (FIFA08 until (roughly) FIFA15 were simply better games than PES).

These past few years though, FIFA has really stalled, while PES has gone back to form. PES2017,18, 19 were all fantastic, and while personally I have some doubts about the PES2020 demo, many seem to really love it ...

There's a demo in the store right now. Give it a chance.

TheColbertinator726d ago

Don't get me wrong. I like the gameplay of PES. The official license issue gets me though.

ZeekQuattro727d ago

Nope. EA has a stranglehold on Soccer. No other soccer game sales anywhere near FIFA levels. Sega and Konami are just kinda there.

Pyroxfaglover727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Not sales whise,.. PES was always a better footbal game though (even the half assed ones, just play and feel better)

Yi-Long727d ago

PES has the better gameplay and graphics, but everything else, including brand-recognition, licensing, content and marketing, still falls heavily in favor of FIFA. Both series have been good these past few years though, with personal preferences determining which someone will buy.

727d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.