Miis vs. Avatars vs. Home: how Nintendo, MS, and Sony see you

With the Home open beta drawing closer and the introduction of Xbox Avatars just a few weeks away, we thought we'd take a second to try a little experiment. All three of the current generation consoles will soon have a system through which players create digital versions of themselves. This caricature becomes a person's identity online, and the respective digitization systems reveal a great deal about the three companies' intents by seeing how each of the three render one person.

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THC CELL5726d ago

And the winner is Home
It really kicks ass

xbox and nintendo do a lot of ass licking

AngryHippo5726d ago

'And the winner is Home, It really kicks ass' Please have you even tried Home?! Its so boring at the moment in the home beta, all you end up doing is chatting with people. Im not saying thats a bad thing, ive met some great people on home and my friends list is made up of a lot of people from home, but theres nothing else to do. I would wait until the final version of home is out before declaring home the winner. At least we know whats going to happen regarding NXE. Can the same be said about Home? No one has a clue what will be included for the open beta, teh number of spaces, what you will be able to do, lets just wait and see if sony manage to deliver on home and if they dont disappoint.

ChickeyCantor5726d ago

Ass licking?

Enlighten us.

Keele5726d ago

Home - The hybrid of Second Life.

The only thing Home will attract are pedophiles NOT hardcore gamers.

360fanboysaregay5726d ago

@hippo u can doo more in home right now it seems that u dont neven have home idiot..but cause of the NDA cant say SH!t but all i can say is that u doo more then chat u play and watch trailers and have partys in your apartmen if u are creative enough.....;

NickIni5726d ago

"The only thing Home will attract are pedophiles NOT hardcore gamers."

And avatars/miis attract hardcore gamers do they?

Home's main purpose is to make the PSN into an actual community, something which none of the consoles provide (don't give me any of that "XBL is a community" crap, because it isn't).

Keele5725d ago

Did I say they attract hardcore gamers? No I don't believe I did.


Oh and... XBL is a community.

NickIni5725d ago

"Did I say they attract hardcore gamers? No I don't believe I did."

You implied it, I don't see you saying none of them will attract hardcore gamers.


Then you report them. How will it attract paedophiles any more than the others, aside from the more direct method of communication.

"Oh and... XBL is a community."


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5725d ago (Edited 5725d ago )

I have had a go on the Japanese Version of 'HOME' beta!!! ;-P
And it is REAL!!!;)
It's the FUTURE!!! ;-P
Once you got your PSN Friends in your 'HOME' space it will be really be COOL!!!;)
I saw people Dancing!!! ;-D And talking to eachother(But i haven't a clue what they are saying...i can't read/speak Japanese :-( so didn't know what they were saying or doing!!!) ;-D

The best bit for me was the 'NAMCO' arcade!!! ;-P
That was well cool!!!;)
+It just needs your PSN Friends+More stuff to buy in the Shops+More Game companies joining in
(I didn't see any other 'PS3 Game Spaces' on it at the moment)and then it will be the...
i.e it will Evolve to be AMAZING!!!;)

+ The 'Wii' + 'xBox 360' versions look Baby'ish!!! ;-D


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5725d ago (Edited 5725d ago )

Just look at the Main Photo =

Nintendo's 'Miis' = For BABIES!!! ;-D

Micro$oft's 'Avatars' = For 15 year old Boys(i.e the 1's CliffyB...Hmm...you know!!!) ;-D

SONY's 'Home' = For Adults!!! ;)

Keele5725d ago

No, no, no..


The more direct method? Or.. the more SECOND LIFE approach? Pedos know that stalking kids on Second Life is an easy task and soon Home will be the new Second Life and the new haven for pedos.

(don't give me any of that "XBL is a community" crap, because it isn't).


NickIni5725d ago

"The more direct method? Or.. the more SECOND LIFE approach? Pedos know that stalking kids on Second Life is an easy task and soon Home will be the new Second Life and the new haven for pedos."

Then report it. They get banned. End. And why would they bother buying a console when they can just use a computer.

XBL is not a community. Can you meet up with people and just have a conversation? No. Home will enable this, making it a community.

5725d ago
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Hellsvacancy5726d ago (Edited 5726d ago )

Wot an idiot, fair enough people are entitled to there own opinions but i think his is just plain stupid

If i was a 360 fanboy ill b soooo envious of Ps3 owners

Edit. To be honest im not that bothered about Home i was a year or so ago when i first found out about it but over time ive gotton frustrated and impatient because of it

But if i had to pick out of the 3 - i would choose Home hands down

Genesis55726d ago

Well I guess it depends on what you're looking for. But the Mii's and the Avatars look kind of lame compared to Home.

El_Colombiano5725d ago

The Mii's and "Avatars" are one in the same. Microsoft just could not innovate something, so they copied. Damn shame really...

whoelse5725d ago

Wow the Home Avatars have so much detail! Yeah the Microsoft one makes the guy look camp and the Wiis look like it took Nintendo 5 minutes to come up with.

KARMA20095725d ago (Edited 5725d ago )

Home 100% Hands down,not only it has more things to choose from,third party developers already made their characters for Home,from Capcom they made Chun Li and Chris Redfield.

to view Chun Li

to view Chris Redfield

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green5726d ago

All i know is that last place goes to the Miis, they are so ugly.

Deviant5726d ago

wait ...do u really see a difference between Miis and avatars

Fox015726d ago

I'm really wondering how you managed to type... coz obviously you're blind.

Deviant5726d ago (Edited 5726d ago )

Neither do we need someone to state the obvious

tatotiburon5725d ago

Deviant are you blind?, can you change clothes in miis? and beside that, jesus, you actually said thet the body of the miis and the avatars are exactly the same design?. And we even counting the dozen of things that we can do with avatars wich we can's do with mii's.

People for just bashing something said the most stupid things

Deviant5725d ago

You aren't familiar with rhetorical devices, are u?

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mirroredderorrim5726d ago (Edited 5726d ago )

Avatars = Miis with textures/details

And Home is... Home?
I don't think you can compare the 3.

But I will go as far to say that Home "avatars" will be used more than Miis and Avatars, because Home is all about interaction through your "avatar" or person you create to represent you in the Home virtual world.

Since the Home world is supposed to be more than just about gaming..

Megatron085726d ago

home is a even crappier version of 2nd life. The home avatars also have no style to them what so ever. The 360 has no need for a vitral world where you have to walk around looking for you friends cause you can just click on you friends list and and talk to them or in invtie into a game with in 10secs on the 360.