Sony's Commitment to the Chinese Market is Paying Off

SwitchedOn Gamer writes: Sony had a big showing at Chinajoy 2019 after years of commitment to the Chinese console market. Now, that decision is finally paying off.

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Immagaiden1806d ago

“That sense of togetherness is important, and echoes comments from Xbox’s Phil Spencer about the industry needing to build each other up.”

Xbox One was the first console to release in China after the ban was lifted, yet you don’t see Microsoft putting in nearly as much effort as Sony is to make their console a bigger deal in the Chinese market.

It’d be nice to see Phil’s team doing more to cultivate the Xbox brand in other markets rather than just paying lip service to it.

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VTKC1805d ago

So thats why you are censoring your games. To cater to these lot who cant even stomach a videogame human skeleton


Xbox Game Pass Is About To Be Flooded With Day One Titles, But Will It Be Enough?

Xbox Game Pass growth has stalled lately and if the back half of 2024s lineup can’t change that, perhaps nothing will

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purple1013h ago(Edited 3h ago)

"Age Of Mythology Retold
Ara History Untold (PC)
Flight Sim 2024
Call Of Duty Black Ops 6
Indiana Jones And The Great Circle

yeh the flood is more of a shallow stream meandering through a dried up creek

Hofstaderman11m ago(Edited 8m ago)

Day one for which Tier??? Be specific because there is a paywall now. Methinks MS is disingenuous.

5m ago

Game Pass Price Hike Continues Trend of Confusing Messaging From Xbox

After Failing To Properly Address Its Third-Party Releases, Xbox Is Repeating The Same Mistake of Vague Messaging About Its Future!

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Knightofelemia1d 3h ago (Edited 1d 3h ago )

Like I said before all Microsoft is doing is steering the XBox ship in a circle taking on water. They honestly are at the point where they don't know yet again WTF they are doing or where they want to take the XBox brand going forward. Right now the only things they got right is pissing off the fans, and disappointing the fans. And Microsoft wonders why they are dead last in sales, and probably wonder why Capcom is skipping them with a game.

RpgSama8h ago

There is no confusing messaging from Xbox, they say what they want their fans to hear but then do what they want to do.

XiNatsuDragnel8h ago

Microsoft copilot has activated and we don't know where they're going rn. But certainly isn't a great direction.

anast8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

It's not confusing. They want more money from their customers to make up for their investments. It's the customers' duty to make them rich.

thesoftware7307h ago

Ummm, like, every company in existence lol.

what a silly thing to say.

ocelot077h ago

How is it silly? It's 100% fact. Yes every single buiness on this planet earth wants to make money and it's the customers who make them there money.

So how is it a silly comment? Its 100% fact.

anast6h ago

Is it possible that you don't understand the words you are typing?

thesoftware7304h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Anast and Ocelot, both of you are correct; I said as much in my own comment.

Now, I called it silly because he is obviously taking a shot at MS for a standard that, as we all agree, is how companies operate. Besides, I do find it silly to state the obvious.

"It's the customers' duty to make them rich."

More silliness at play. It is not solely because of CoD, and it's not anyone's duty. Additionally, his comment overall is to base MS, let's not pretend.

ChasterMies8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Microsoft is $3T company. They never cared about gamers. They always cared about profit. Not sure why anyone was confused about that.

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