There's Something About Sony

Split-Screen writes: "There are a lot of things going on with Sony, however, the company has never gotten its act together as far as advertising goes. "Wow the customer enough so he'll buy your products" - how Sony haplessly wrestles with this tenet like the Titans against Zeus in Greek mythology is simply uncanny. But while the viral campaigns and unintentionally frightening babies of the first world market failed due to terrible conception, our home-grown PS3 Indian ad unintentionally admits to one of the console's main universal shortcoming."

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Panipal20054045d ago

It's nothing that revealing Trico won't fix....but that would take having good sense in the first place and Sony do not.

(PS3 = excellence, Sony = frequently retarded)

sinncross4045d ago

I can see this as a problem for SOny in India, but its sort of the same with South Africa (thankfully our releases are virtually neck-in-neck with Europe).
Though strangely enough, we did get Army of Two an entire week for America or Europe which was kind of bizarre to say the least.

Nonetheless I think Sony should try and get their exclusives around the world the same time but I'm sure India will get them... Sony have a lot on their plate, so it's sort of understandable, but yeah, I agree that exclusives should be released with weeks around the entire world.

Jacobite4044d ago

LBP was out last week,Big title for them ,no adverts on the television or even Sky TV that I saw RFOM2 is out on the 28th Nov(UK)what no adverts.I bought MS2 there on friday due to looking at Game sites on the TV adverts again from Sony gggrrr plenty adverts for Xbox360 and Wii.Well Sony you missed your shot again aswell with sales