DEN: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

Charging as much as they do, Sony should be ashamed. SOCOM: Confrontation is simply the multiplayer portion of a game without the actual game. While there is an official Sony Bluetooth headset that comes packed in, it isn't worth it. There are good maps, but not nearly enough of them and no single player to justify the price. Until Sony releases this game at less than $20, skip it.

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Hagaf223630d ago

wow so many people are drinking their hateorade for this game... oh well i still enjoy the heck out of it, it will get massive more game play with the next patch too.

ViRaL-3630d ago

if u get the headset bundle. The headset only cost $50, and if u get the bundle its $60.

PAPERCHASER03963630d ago

The launch of this game was horrible solely because it was online only and experienced many technical problems in the beginning as the patches roll out to add features and correct server error and etc the game will deserve a highly favorable rating.
Had it been made by Zipper who was use to the features and operations there would have been fewer problems but let me tell you online past socom fans still really appreciate this game so go buy it!!

PLAYWATCH3630d ago

Horrible Review. Who writes these reviews??? Fanboys???
I don't even play COD4 because of Socom Confrontation.
How's it not worth it when it comes with the best headset???

mario8883627d ago

I have not played COD4 since Socom came out.

arakouftaian3630d ago

I understand a low score 7 or 8 but this is a joke this game is so good that I take my time n stop playing killzone2 privete beta n know open beta for Socom socom is a great game n is my 1time playing a socom game I like it a lot. They still need to fix few stuf but the game is fun right know n fun , just buy it n get inside a Clan n you will have fun every second. Of it.