Top 5 Damned Final Fantasy Martyr's

If you think the Final Fantasy series only included happy endings, you couldn't be so far off. The series wouldn't be where it was today without the tears and sadness for the fallen cast.

Continuing with our Top 5 Theme (Bosses, Evil Antagonist's, Attractive Females, Distinguished Heroes), We've compiled our top 5 damned Final Fantasy martyr's which can be found below. Do you agree with our choices? If not who would you change in the list? (Please note this article contains Spoilers)

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Bonsai12143656d ago

aww, Titus. i remember when i beat the game for the first time. "Ending theme" is a great song and mixed together so well with the Cinematic.

And of course, Aeris. I loved that city where it happened. The conch shell houses, the surreal atmosphere of it all. i should play it again..

Wallonsi3656d ago

FFX was so amazing, imo the best ff made.

Myze3656d ago

Where the heck are Palam and Porom from FFIV? They killed themselves to save the rest of the team...Well, maybe they were revived for the ending, but at the time it was a very sad moment. Also, Edward in FFIV as well (this is from the SNES version, as I haven't played the new DS one).

Then you also have General Leo in FFVI (Kefka you psycho son of a ...).

If you want to include Final Fantasy Tactics (better than all but two of the main series in my opinion, VI and VII), there are about 50 martyrs, but I guess I wouldn't put them in the top 5.

specialguest3656d ago

Damn, that brought back memories. Yeah, I remembered how it was sad when they turned themselves into stone. Oh and Edward, that sissy hahaha.

Cheeseknight283656d ago

...Seto? Seriously? And he's higher than Zack?

These lists get worse and worse as they keep making them.

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