First Dragon Ball Z mod released for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, allows you to play as Krillin

Modder 'huckleberrypie' has released the first Dragon Ball Z mod for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, allowing players to play as Krillin.

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CorndogBurglar683d ago

Why on earth would they start with the worst DBZ character ever made?

Teflon02683d ago

Wow that's a pretty ridiculously inaccurate statement. Yamcha, Yajirobi, etc are way worse than krillin. Krillin is basically the strongest full human in Dragon Ball. He's good, just never strong enough

DarkHeroZX683d ago

Uub lol. Krillin number 2

DerfDerf683d ago

Never knock on Yajirobi's greatness.

ShadowWolf712683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

Krillin's not #2, been confirmed as the strongest many, many times. Uub merely has the POTENTIAL to be stronger, he's not there yet.

CorndogBurglar683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

Fair enough. Yamcha is pretty pathetic. But I have a real hard time believing that Krillin was stronger than Tien. In the beginning, yes he was. But Tien surpassed him by the Cell Saga.

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DarkZane683d ago

Because Krillin dies a lot ... just like most people playing this game.

Summons75683d ago

Krillian is way better than Tien or Yamcha

CorndogBurglar683d ago

In the beginning Krillin may have been stronger than Tien. But Tien definitely surpassed Krillin. He was able to hold off Imperfect Cell. There's no way in hell Krillin could have done that.

ShadowWolf712683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

Why on Earth do you have such an objectively horrible opinion about the character who literally saved the series from cancelation? Someone who's faced odds he knows he can't overcome but still refuses to sit back and do nothing? Someone who fought to overcome years of abuse and PTSD to become the strongest human being the world had ever seen?

Not to mention an amazing family man to boot.

CorndogBurglar683d ago

Tien surpassed Krillin. Yes, Krillin was known as the strongest human for a while. But Tien held off Imperfect Cell, something that Krillin never could have done.

ShadowWolf712681d ago


Opposite actually. Tien started stronger (which makes sense, he's 5 years older than him and an adult when they met) but every time they'd come together again, the gap got smaller and by the end of Namek, he'd surpassed him.

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