Amazon opens pre-orders for Skies Of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack CD and Vinyl Sets

Amazon has opened pre-orders for the CD and Vinyl versions of the Skies Of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack, revealing a release date in the process.

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DarkZane582d ago

I wish this game got a remake or at least a remaster on current console. It was awesome.

Silly Mammo582d ago

Damn! Got all excited. Thought they were doing a remake of this.

Godmars290582d ago

Screw video game "culture" - I WANT THIS GAME!

Kostche582d ago

still have this on my dreamcast.. love it

Bacon2019582d ago

Saw "Amazon opens pre-orders for Skies of Arcadia" and nearly did a Mortal Kombat II uppercut, then read the rest and started crying.