Did Capcom Sell An IP For $19 Million?

Capcom had a $19 million digital contents deal but won't disclose details.

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Atom6661805d ago

I'm hopeful for the Netflix theory. Seeing something like Megaman or RE getting the Castlvania treatment would be nice.

Another theory is that it's payment for a PS+ or Game Pass signing.

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Poopmist1805d ago

There's a rumor about DMC 5 hitting gamepass soon. Could be part of it.

Zeref1805d ago

For 19 million? Nah that's way too much lol.

I think they actually sold an IP.

Poopmist1805d ago

@Zeref. I said part as in it could be part of a larger deal. Like having all Capcom games coming to gamepass day 1 for a few years or packaged together with the Dead Rising ip(4 underperformed so Capcom may not be wanting to use it anyway)

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XiNatsuDragnel1804d ago


They did nii-san!!

Off-topic: I will stop your project neo-eclipse, because you need to face reality, and live in our cruel world!

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BlackIceJoe1805d ago

I'd be down for Netflix making a Dino Crisis tv show, because then you know Capcom will make a new game soon.

TheColbertinator1805d ago

Next up Konami sells the Silent Hill IP

Knushwood Butt1805d ago

Not sure if there are any buyers.

KaaF1805d ago

Just the PT/Silent Hills name alone will guarantee a hit, especially if they get Kojima back.

IamTylerDurden11805d ago

Silent Hill remake ala RE2 would sell huge. Blue Point remasters would sell huge. A reboot would sell huge. There is value in Silent Hill.

rainslacker1805d ago

They've already licensed it a few times for different media

cell9891805d ago

I wish they sold the metal gear rights to Sony already

Sophisticated_Chap1805d ago

Nah, because the games would get locked on Sony's hardware, like MGS4 on PS3, never to be seen again.

BehindTheRows1805d ago


MGS4 is Konami's property, not Sony's. It could have been a multiplatform title if they wanted it to, so you're barking about the wrong company there.

The_Sage1805d ago

I'd be extremely happy if that were to happen and Kojima Productions bought it. Oh well...back to reality.

Summons751805d ago

God, I wish they would. That and Metal Gear but they never will, not when their Pachinko machines are making them the big bucks

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rainslacker1805d ago

Here's how proper journalism works.

1. Find something that happened.
2. Research what happened and draw conclusions with corroborating facts.
3. Write articles based on known facts.

What not to add into the mix

1. Baseless assumption. It's ok to list what it may have been in a list of things it could be, but generally, respectable journalism will at least try to find out what is going on somewhere between 1 and 3 above.

Imagine all the free advise games journalists get. Bet it makes them wish they hadn't spent all that money on journalism degrees...to which they apparently failed out of anyways.

rdgneoz31805d ago

One IP they haven't really used / done much with yet that was announced a while ago was Deep Down. It has been playable at game shows, but yet to release and Capcom requested to extend the trademark last year. Would be funny if they sold it to Sony (since it was exclusive) or FromSoftware (who could easily finish that game).

jukins1805d ago

That what I was thinking as far as what ip. It was supposed to be f2p and have a long life. Could see Sony reworking it and having it as a gaas

Cmv381805d ago

I doubt its deep down. Hard to pt a price tag on something that never came out. My wild guess would be street fighter....

Summons751805d ago

A dead IP that never had a single game or as far as we know any playable versions in any form of development selling for 19 mill? Definitely was not Deep Down.

rdgneoz31804d ago

It's been playable at game shows in the past. Capcom is probably having a hard time figuring out a way to monetize it as a F2P game. And 19 mill for a half finished game isn't bad, when development for most games is a lot higher.

IamTylerDurden11805d ago

Doubt Deep Down is still alive, but it was a visual marvel at the time. The game should've released as a regular AAA. Chasing the f2p model was a mistake.

SheenuTheLegend1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

then it would not be in Digital Content Category i think like the article states.

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