GTA IV Keys To The City Are Surprisingly Fancy

If you got GTAIV on or just after its release, managed to rack up a 100% completion percentage and got one of those "return within seven days" emails, congratulations. You were one of the first people to "complete" the game, and earned yourself a prize. If you took the time to read that email, you'd have noticed that Rockstar warned it could take up to 120 days for your prize - a "key" to Liberty City - to arrive, depending on how many they had to make. Guess they had to make a ton of them, because they're only now, in November, shipping out to the winners. Reader MastaKwaa was one of the lucky ones, and his just turned up in the mail. If you're a fellow winner, yours will be there soon, and will look like this. If you weren't a winner, here's what you could have got yourself if you were a winner, and not a loser.

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Jamegohanssj54046d ago

What? Is? This? What? Does? It? Do?


i am the truth4046d ago

Who cares.....!!! :/

i did not even want to finish this game, it got so boring.

CrazedFiend4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I had nothing against the game until the first 10 minutes I played it. Then the first hour. Then the first...well I gave up on it after that.

I took a couple months (maybe more) away from it and now I've been playing it again for the past couple of days JUST to try and get some trophies. I'm ALMOST halfway through the game and guess what...


I still don't think it's quite worth the price of a rental(-_-;)

How the HELL could it have gotten all those perfect scores???


The same game with another name, made by anyone other the Rockstar wouldn't have gotten s#!t with the critics IMHO.

Oh well, in this case I think I'll happily stay a loser.

ape0074046d ago

Rockstar developers,what happened guys?

gta 4 was no where near as the golden,the classic gta 3 series and so was midnight club:LA,mc:dub edition was actually one of the finest,most mind blowing racing games ever,races were so genius,gameplay was so much better,don't get me wrong mc:la and gta 4 deserve like 8 but they aren't AAA status

rockstar,is it because of the new rage engine?that engine seem to improve graphics and downgrade gameplay,it makes the game more boring or maybe am wrong

I don't know ???? very strange

Alvadr4046d ago

I just dont get why there is so much dislike for the game. Its a masterpiece in open world gaming. Take a nice walk around some of the areas in the city and you will see the level of detail gone into this game, it really does feel like a living, breathing city.

Gameplay wise, its only slightly repetitive... But what game isnt I ask? And if you ignore the story there is still tonnes to do and see.

I really hope this gets game of the year!

uie4rhig4046d ago

which is defo sad to me.. i was REALLY hyped about GTA IV (you might wanna check my comments on N4G at the time of GTA IV's release :) ) but after finishing the story, i got bored of it.. the story line, graphics and physics are awesome.. but the rest has suffered compared to GTA:SA (SA best GTA so far imo) , GTA:VC and GTA3.. i would blame the 360 for limited, but GTA:SA could do (minus the graphics mind you).. but i doubt that it was because the 360.. man... i wonder what happened !!


Alvadr4046d ago

Nice, very nice. I still havent got 100% yet although I have started again since trophies.


i am the truth4046d ago

I felt the same way as well ape007.And the sad part is that i was so hyped when i got the game, Im still shocked why they downgraded gta4 so much;the guns are not as much as gta3 and the overall content of the game is dull compared to gta3.
I miss the jetpacks,fighter jets...e.t.c.

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The story is too old to be commented.