The Outer Worlds Preview: Obsidian's latest outclasses Bethesda in every way - DAILYSTAR

Obsidian Entertainment's latest RPG is all the best bits of Bethesda's offerings without any of the jank - and it could be the Skyrim or Fallout 3 of this generation.

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Jimboms1759d ago

They made the best Fallout games on the market. Not surprised they're outdoing Bethesda.

Pepin1759d ago

This is like the unofficial New Vegas spiritual successor I've been waiting for since the 360 days - honestly, it's incredible

UltraNova1759d ago

Can't frickin wait to play a decent fallout game again!

mafiabrett1759d ago

@UltraNova, Don't expect one from Bethesda any time soon.. based on all the things that's been going on with them ever since Skyrim.. their games are getting worse and worse, more casual friendly, less oriented towards a Adult crowd, and less RPG mechanics. Also more and more ways to screw a single player crowd out of money. The only way I see them returning to be a great RPG developer is a swift kick to their ass, loss in profits, and change in upper management.

As for Outer Worlds, don't go into this game thinking it's a Fallout game. It's definitely gonna be an amazing RPG but it's not Fallout, it might have similar mechanics and humor as you would see in Fallout New Vegas, even a little Easter egg ;)

Kribwalker1759d ago

Can’t believe this is coming day one to GamePass. I’m totally pumped up for this game. Obsidian was a great pickup by MS

Pepin1759d ago

The fact you'll be able to get this Day One for $1 if you're a new GamesPass user is absolutely ridiculous, right!?

DEEHULK881759d ago

I don't think that the one dollar is still going on, but 9 to 14 dollars is not bad plus a little discount if you want to own The Outer Worlds. I play Gamepass and buy the games that I think that could leave the service when they do a big sale like the one they just did. So if you are playing with Gamepass or buying it I think that it looks like it's going to be a good game.

mafiabrett1759d ago

How does gamepass work? So is it something where let's say I buy a next gen xbox console 5 years down the road for their solely for exclusives. Is it something where after 5 years, can I do a game pass for 1 month when they are doing a sale. Then buy all of the games at a even higher discount? Do I keep those games forever? Or once gamepass ends, I lose them?

DEEHULK881758d ago

Mafiabrett Of course when you buy a game you keep it. All the games on gamepass you can buy at a little discount if you have gamepass. There were a lot of games on sale the last two weeks at about 60 to 70 percent off and a lot of those were on sale so you could buy them if you wanted to just in case the game leaves the service. I did it with Hitman because it was about to leave the service Aug 1, so I bought it on sale for $9.99. Once you buy a game you own it.

Concertoine1758d ago


On gamepass you can download from the list of available games, but you don't own them. It's basically netflix, you only have access to those games so long as you have Gamepass. But, you can buy games that are on gamepass for a discount. Once you buy a game, its yours regardless of whether or not you have gamepass. I usually buy a month of gamepass whenever they offer it up for a dollar and try to remember to cancel before the next charge.

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SethBrundlefly1759d ago

Looking forward to buying it and owning it.

Kribwalker1759d ago

Cool. we both get to play the same game 😊

gangsta_red1759d ago

That's what is so great about options.

DEEHULK881758d ago

Glad to have the option to do both. You can play it on Gamepass and buy it at a discount for Gamepass subs and anyone that has a problem with options is silly. Most people down vote it because the don't have the option.

BizarroUltraman1758d ago

good for you but whats all the fuss with Gamepass gamer getting all disagrees, this dude says outright buying gets agrees... MS owns the game hahaha enjoy whichever way you prefer.... Just from MS view on things they prefer you get gamepass.
ooooooh attack on physical..

mark_parch1758d ago

i got 3 years of gamepass ultimate for £72 so i'll definitely be playing this day one. The good thing about gamepass for me is that i probably wouldn't have bought this game day one as it looks a bit janky but with gamepass i might as well try it and if i enjoy it that's a bonus. prey is also a good example as i had no intention of buying that game but played it recently and thought it was amazing. also gears 5 day one soon. It also works the other way as i was super hyped for sea of thieves but after trying it on gamepass realised it was trash so saved myself some money

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HexxedAvenger1759d ago

Imma play it on gamepass and if I love it, which seeing clips, I think I will, I’ll get it physical on switch lol!

ocelot071759d ago

Looking forward to playing this. Love the PC gamepass only going to cost me £4 to play it. Maybe £8 if I like it so much and decide to play through again.

Pepin1759d ago

From what I've played, seems like it's going to be a SUPER long game, too...

DreadfulHero1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Actually, nope.

Expect The Outer Worlds to be about 30-40 hours long. "We've decided to put our effort into the reactivity and replayability—because of our size and budget, those necessitate a smaller, more tightly-controlled game than a giant sandbox open world where you can run everywhere," said co-director Leonard Boyarsky.

And I'm completely fine with that. The original Mass Effect games were about that length. A lot of old school JRPGs are about that, too. What I'm more concerned with is immersion and fun, and this game seems like it has it in droves. I can't wait!

Nacho_Z1759d ago

So far so cool, any word on how open and big the game world is? Or game worlds rather, my understanding is it's a series of smallish open areas but I dunno.

quent1759d ago

Not too big, the said they're focusing more on filling and crafting a more detailed smaller openworld with less copy/paste empty space,which I prefer, ie Witcher 3, which had 3 smaller interesting openworld location's then just one big empty one with 100's of Ubisoft map markers everywhere to pad the experience

Nacho_Z1759d ago

Yeah generally speaking it's better to have smaller but higher quality areas, I think that would suit this game more too. If they're anything like the size of TW3's maps then they'll be plenty big enough.