PS4 is About to Become the 2nd Best-Selling Console of All Time

This week IGN discusses the best-selling consoles of all time, why EA avoids the Switch, the Game Boy turns 30, and more.

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mijayire581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Congrats to Sony. Everything worked from exclusives to price point and no gimmick in trying to be something else other than a gaming console.

ClayRules2012580d ago

So very true. So thankful for the freedom Sony has allowed their studios in creating their games.

Congratulations Sony. Let’s continue this next gen, along with improving VR even more!

locomorales580d ago

Someone know why Gameboy and Gameboy Color are add together?

KeenBean345580d ago

Plays the same games as the original Gameboy so it's just a revision I guess

locomorales580d ago

Ps2 plays games from ps1, 3ds plays games from ds. But The other way isnt true. Why Gb and gbc are add together is still a mistery to me.

mijayire580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

It is not hard to understand nor is it a mystery.

Think of the Gameboy and Color as hardware revisions such as PS4/PS4 Pro or Xbox One/X. This is what it is essentially.

Your argument of PS2 and 3DS playing older games doesn’t make any sense as those hardware are generational leaps.

With that logic should Xbox 360 sales count towards Xbox One as Xbox One is backwards compatible in many games? No.

Gameboy games work on Gameboy Color and some Gameboy color games can work on normal Gameboys. Where as GBA or GBA SP can play all of them.

TheUndertaker85578d ago

The same reason all models of PS4 including Pro get bulked together

locomorales578d ago

There's no games that are compatible only with ps4 pro. But most of gbc games dont run on Gb.

MasterCornholio580d ago

I can definitely see that happening. However the PS2 is still way ahead so I don't believe it will surpass it.

autobotdan580d ago

Sony has Microsoft and Nintendo to thank for this milestone. Without the horrible Xbox One launch and the Nintendo WiiU launch, the Playstation 4 would not be in this position on the doorstep to number 2 selling console of all time

DarXyde580d ago

They should thank the competition for their missteps? I don't doubt that's a factor, but it really undermines the fact that PS4 is just an awesome console.

ClayRules2012580d ago

Agreed. An awesome console, with a fantastic variety of games for gamers who like basically anything. PS4 has offered some unforgettable gaming experiences this generation.

ClayRules2012580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

Aside from Xbox One’s horrible launch, they just simply lack a sizable library of great exclusive games.

sushimama580d ago

That's absolutely ridiculous. They're in their position for one reason only, making quality exclusive games. In the last half of the PS3 life-cycle they absolutely killed it, going into this current generation people knew what they could expect from Sony. Sony had the trust of the gamers and Sony's reveal was amazing. Sony are the best.