Thirty Years Ago, Game Boy Changed the Way America Played Video Games

Nintendo's handheld gaming system proved to be a huge success, thanks to its durability and battery life

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jznrpg724d ago (Edited 724d ago )

I had one . I played Final Fantasy , a few other rpgs and Tetris of course but I played on my Nintendo a lot more because you can’t beat color and a big screen, also a much bigger library

XxINFERNUSxX724d ago

And I had it when It first came out :D If you want to relive that moment again this is the best option out there:

Double_O_Revan724d ago

This thing went Everywhere with me. Every car ride, every time I had to sit somewhere boring. I loved it. Mario Land 2, Tetris, TMNT, so many more.

VideoChums724d ago

Same! I remember playing it in the back seat of my mom's car while trying to position it so the sun wouldn't reflect off the screen. TMNT, Metroid 2, and Link's Awakening were my favs! 🎮😄