Why Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Isn't As Bad As You Remember

Call of Duty is one of the biggest franchises ever to hit the sphere of gaming, even though there is a new game every single year, it continues to sell by the shed load. Despite its fantastic commercial success, it has still churned out entries that both fans and critics found disappointing.

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TheEnigma313723d ago

who cares at this point? This series has been stale.

T2X723d ago

The game was one of the best recent releases IMO. Let's face it, there's only so much WW1/WW2 shit you can replay over and over again. If your gonna put wall running and that stuff go all out and let us fly a damn spaceship. I loved it personally.

723d ago
NautilusXIII723d ago

I just hated the net code.

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