GamingExcellence: Infinite Undiscovery Review

GamingExcellence writes: "Have you ever played a game where you alternately found yourself enjoying what you were playing and cursing at the television? One moment you are experiencing gaming bliss and the next that game disk is sure looking attractive as a frisbee. This is one of the most consistent things about playing Infinite Undiscovery the newest offering from Tri-Ace, developers of the Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean series.

Wait… what the heck sort of name is that? Infinite Undiscovery?! While it's likely supposed to evoke some sort of sensation of wonder or something but that's just a nightmare of abuse towards the English language."

+Intriguing story
+Fun, believable characters
+Real-time combat works great
+Variety of skills and tactics to be employed in combat

-Flat, lifeless backgrounds
-Horrendous lip-synching
-Combat system really needs a block button
-Fights sometimes feel totally devoid of strategy
-Uneven difficulty

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