First day sales in Japan (11/6)

Ameblo via VGChartz is reporting that the first day sales estimates in Japan on November 6th, 2008 as follow:

Kirby Super Star Ultra (DS) 160k

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Genesis54572d ago

I don't even know why I clicked on that. That was useless.

Fox014572d ago

Wtf is wrong with these Japs, there rather buy Kirby piece of junk than Little Big Planet. I think the adults in Japan don't game anymore, it's the kids that buy games over thehe nowadays, that's why the Wii and the DS are doing so well.

Voozi4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

1) Don't refer to Japanese as you did in your reply, that's a racist remark against them. Don't bother trying to argue otherwise as you're not worth my time to try and put sense into you.

2) Different market, Kirby is a known name as Sackboy is not, deal with it as BRACH said, etc

tetsuhana4572d ago

Damn, you're still in the gamer zone?

ambientFLIER4572d ago

Oh please, "Japanese" is an acceptable term, while "Japs" is not? Wah wah wah, you're racist, wah wah wah!

Mr Fancy Pants4571d ago

isn't japs just an abbreviation? this kind of things reflects insecurities.

racist comment? lol why people try to find so many ways to feel insulted?

TheDude2dot04571d ago

Japs was a common name used during WWII as in insult.

However, blacks were called blacks as an insult, but now if we call them anything else they freak out.

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Its a completely different market out there...

LBP will sell great in Europe and America, whereas Kirby won't.

Deal with it.

etownone4572d ago

what's up with LBP's sales so far?

very weak so far. I was expecting sales in the millions after so much hype and great reviews.

ultimolu4571d ago

So 57,000 is weak for a new IP.

I think you dropped your brain on the way here. Perhaps you should go back and pick it up. :/

Just sad.

Cyrus3654572d ago

it's not from VGChartz, look at it's source, this is a REAL #, they are just translating the japanese site.

Scary694572d ago

This is one useless article. Must be really bored to even post a lame article like this.

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