GameStop Reportedly Laying Off Over 50 Employees As Part of Reorganization

There are unconfirmed reports that video game retailer Gamestop is cutting some of its regional management and consolidating its remaining management.

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Orionsangel619d ago

At this point we should just treat retail like the post office. Employee Retail Men or Women and their job is to deliver to our homes everything we purchase from groceries to material things. Will never have to leave the house again.

ApocalypseShadow619d ago

There you go. But keep going. Start at the top. That's where the problem is.

TheColbertinator619d ago

Precisely. The top money men who refused to adapt to the changing times are polluting the entire company.

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gamer7804619d ago

this sounds like the right move, keep the people in the stores if they are doing a good job, but optimize the management above that. I really don't want video game stores to go away, the 2 gamestops near me have really nice and helpful employees.

Sam Fisher619d ago

Be friendly to them, they go thru some shit. Trust me i used to be a asm (assistant store manager) pretty much slavery in new York

scoot_n_loot619d ago

That wont really change anything. Gamestop is facing the same issues that a lot of brick and mortar stores have been for years. Fierce competition in online retailers and a downtrend in physical game sales.

rainslacker619d ago

This isn't the top though. It's the regional management that is supposed to make sure the local stores do the things that the top people say are supposed to be done.

ApocalypseShadow619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

I'm aware. But it's definitely not the workers at the bottom. Gamestop is trimming the muscle when they should be trimming the fat. The fat is at the top that don't know what they are doing.

Without going into too much detail, Game Crazy would still be around today if it wasn't for certain people at the top. And I knew Mark Wattles and his brother Derrick. The franchise stores and the million dollar store I ran, would still be around if they didn't decide on staying connected to Hollywood Video. Which all went under when they were bought by Movie Gallery and they went under. Which took the corporate Game Crazy's and the franchises with it. We told them what they needed to do and they wouldn't listen. Warned them about selling. Showed them how they should change before Red Box and online.

The other problem is that Gamestop is a game store that's not fun to be in. We made our franchise Game Crazy store fun while making money. And the customers loved that. Gamestop is jumping to product like toys and shirts that won't save their bottom line. They think giving more work to a few regional managers and firing the others is the answer. More work for the same pay or a little bump isn't fun.

Retail can survive against online and digital. But they choose the same course and there's a big iceberg waiting for them for not changing but still looking for the same profits.

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Sam Fisher619d ago

1 regional manager is around 120,000 yr salary in nyc (maybe more), 50x that amount is a good chunk of change for ppl that really dont do much at all

Bismarn619d ago

When I worked at Borders it was 2500 this week, 7000 the next. When an auto manufacturer does job losses its 50k here, 100k there. 50 people is not newsworthy, I would expect their normal monthly turnover is in the hundreds.

Smok91619d ago

50, no.
50 managers, that’s interesting.

NotoriousWhiz619d ago

Well. Unemployment percentages are about to go sky high.

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Double_O_Revan619d ago

They need to start closing excess stores.

WickedLester618d ago

Been saying that for a while. I dont get it. There are 5 Gamestops in my immediate area, all approximately 15 minutes from one another. I can remember when my area had one Electronics Boutique and one Software Etc and that was it! Perhaps Gamestop needs to downsize back to those kind of numbers.

619d ago
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