1UP: Knights in the Nightmare Preview

1UP writes: "Games you import from Japan seem to fall into one of three categories. First, you've got the type that you can play with little or no knowledge of Japanese. Next are those where a basic command of Japanese is essential to grasp the finer details of the story and gameplay. Finally, you've got the games with screen after screen of text full of tiny, barely readable kanji that prove to be inscrutable to anyone who's not a native speaker of the language. Tactical role-playing game Knights in the Nightmare is this third type.

The DS game clearly has a rich story that unfolds in the lore and style of developer Sting's previous titles (Riviera: The Promised Land and Yggdra Union), but it's nigh impenetrable to anyone for whom Japanese isn't already second nature (I humbly include myself in that group). Since Sting has not announced plans for a U.S. release for Knights in the Nightmare, those who don't speak the language will have to aim to be immersed solely by the gameplay."

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