5 Video Game Characters That Would Be Too Controversial In 2019

Talha Amjad writes: "There are a couple of video game characters that seemed fine back in the day but would be too controversial if they were introduced today. Here are a few."

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FallenAngel1984684d ago

Everyone in Street Fighter is an ethnic exaggeration that’s the point

thatguyhayat684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

If duke nukem was made today, the femi-nazi would be all over it

Smokehouse684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

Most of these have been introduced in modern times lmao. Dhalsim? He’s in street fighter 5. Cortana? Really? Shadow warrior 2 just released a few years ago. Duke Nukem and lo wang are guests in the game rad Rodgers. Duke Nukem is an add on for bulletstorm. This article is so full of shit it’s laughable.

AK91684d ago

Welcome to Modern day games journalism

AK91684d ago

This is just more proof how out of touch gaming journalists are but at least they put their list on one page unlike other cheapskates.

PCgamer98683d ago

None of these characters are controversial?

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