World At War claims are "bullshit", says enraged Infinity Ward

OXM UK: CoD 4 dev Infinity Ward has mounted an astonishing attack on Call of Duty: World at war, denouncing the producer as a "Senior Super Douche" who "doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about." Handbags at the ready!

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4052d ago

"doesn't know what the fu*k he's talking about" Hmm...
...sounds like all the xBox Zombie Caveman Lemmings on this!!! ;-D

Zerodin4052d ago

What's wrong IW? Can't handle that it's better?

Blood_Spiller4052d ago

The guys over at Treyarch are incapable of making a good game. Definitely one of the worst "mainstream" developers out there imo.

Max Power4052d ago

IW did all the work, its their engin and models, and its their gameplay. Trey just took back to ww2 and tweaked it like an update

Rob0g0rilla4052d ago

I agree with Max Power. The game feels like a COD4 mod and the graphics are worse. I hate the addition of vehicles but there are some things I prefer over COD4.

NaiNaiNai4052d ago

Rob0g0rilla you must be running a standard def. because i've been playing the beta as well. and you know, T_T how is it that the character modles are the same. when limbs can be torn off. also if you notice the guns shots are different. in CoD4 you could hit someone across the map with a pistol like its a sinper rifle. you cant do that in here. whats the matter are all the hardcore CoD4 fans mad because the game is more realistic then your precious game, CoD4 also feels out of date. this feels clean to me. but then again that IMO. except the fact of CoD4 feeling out of date compaired. thats more of a fact.

sak5004052d ago


Robogorilla is correct. COD4 looked much better than the poorly textured COD5. MOst levels in beta are way too dark to be entertaining. They also used the same perk system and added few more of their own. So adding a few things over the innovative ideas of IW and now treyarch hv the nervenerve to claim that their's is superior version? ALso did anyone play the stupid James Bond by treyarch? Looked like ps2 title. Where is the freaking innovation in there?

Games like BF:BC, Dead space, Far cry2, Gears2 etc have really upped the ante in fps/tps genre. So the devs have to make their games look and play the same atleast or better than the benchmark set by the games mentioned above in order to proclaim superiority of their game.

ELite_Ghost4051d ago

the game looks like a cod4 mod to me...

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ReTarDedFisHy4052d ago

I'm with Infinity Ward!

Ahaha, But I can't wait for CoD World at War! :D

Crazyglues4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

if you did read it you would have know that he has a problem with the guy from Activision (the parent company), not Treyarch.

Treyarch does suck, but this is not what this is about.

But of course no one here even read the interview before they made a comment.. Priceless.

ReTarDedFisHy4051d ago

I realized that but never bothered to edit my comment :}

name4052d ago

lol This is entertaining.

Danja4052d ago

*pauses R2 , grabs popcorn*

kosha4051d ago

Lol how dare you pause resistance. Oj

Tomdc4051d ago

Its one person at infinity ward angry and one guy at treyarch, with good reason I think!

The title makes it seem like the whole companies are involved.