Star Wars is Best Suited for AA Gaming, Not AAA

WTMG's Leo Faria: "This piece wasn’t meant to say that Star Wars‘ gaming future is ruined forever, nor that there isn’t a chance for a good AAA Star Wars game to come out in the near future. I need to reiterate that, yes, I’m looking forward to Jedi Fallen Order. Then again, as a massive Star Wars fan, like most of you I miss the days when we would get loads of titles a year, each one focused on one specific feature of the franchise. I’d rather have a slew of smaller Star Wars games being released every year, some good and some not as good, than one big generic title being released every two years. These are always at the risk of being criticized due to typical AAA practices like expensive season passes, cut content, or microtransactions. Had Disney allowed for anyone, especially mid-range developers and publishers, to bring their creative and risk-free ideas to life, I’m sure fans would have rejoiced. And Disney’s pockets would most certainly fill up faster than nowadays."

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