Kotaku: BioShock DLC Adds A Lot But Loses Something Important

Something about the the BioShock "Challenge Room" downloadable content seems wrong. It's not the fact that it's DLC. Kotaku appreciates 2K trying to get more mileage out of the blockbuster to distract people from the fact that they haven't given them BioShock 2 yet. And it's not exactly the fact that the Challenge Room DLC is a PlayStation 3 exclusive –- although that doesn't seem quite fair to Xbox 360 fans that need Achievements as much as PS3 fans need Trophies.

What's really bothering them is the lack of fiction. They are not asking for a new ending or a tacked-on chapter that somehow changes the fantastic story of BioShock – why fix something that isn't broken, right? It's just that what made BioShock special was the story. Oh, sure, the graphics were spiffy, the art style was cool and the game really does play well (not too glitchy or difficult to manage). But BioShock without its story is like a Twinkie without its filling – still somewhat tasty, but hollow and far less satisfying.

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TheHater4054d ago

it not a problem when the xbox 360 get exclusive contents, but it is a problem when the ps3 get it? Kotaku is showing it true color again.

chaosatom4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

'it loses out on giving 360 owners the better experience.'

And that's why ps3 owners shouldn't buy it.

Parapraxis4054d ago

Kotaku just keeps getting better huh..../sarcasm

Sarcasm4054d ago

Someone call me?

I bet if this was a 360 exclusive DLC, they'd be laughing in the face of PS3 fans who don't get to play it.

Kotaku is one of the worst websites/blog's ever created

sackboy says hi4054d ago

Im in the killzone 2 beta and i dont care about any other game any more,not even resistance 2 or bioshock dlc.........those of u who are in the beta knows y im going of topic!!!! KILLZONE 2 IS THE BEST FPS EVER..i dont care if bioshock has under water adventures or resistance 2 has a 300 foot boss, killzone2 makes resistance 2 look sh1t and it makes cod4 look sh1ter and makes bioshock look like a$$......!!!!! im sorry but the game has done something to me, i dont think i can write about any other game with out mention killzone 2....... if ur in the beta add me, psn id is jon_abobo....lets BODY COUNT THEM ;-D

Sarcasm4054d ago

lol I will add you Sackboy

Cant say I disagree, HipHopGamer is correct in saying Killzone 2 is going to separate the PS3 from the 360. It's DA SH*T.

Lifendz4054d ago

is the foxnews of the gaming world. So biased and so misleading its funny. I read their site just to get a laugh and see what a biased website looks like. Only Silogon's site gives me a better laugh.

Socom4054d ago

Hahahaha, when every PS3 game is rated down for that reason, Kotaku isnt convincing ANYONE.

Seriously, Kotaku and the likes can deny it all day long, but if we search up every PS3 and 360 exclusive from the last two year, and read all the reviews, you will NOTICE how every PS3 game is rated down for insignificant issues and flaws while 360 games are conveniently given higher scores.

This is no different.

And when they said "but its not fair for 360 owners" you pretty much get the drill. So when 360 gets exclusive DLC, its normal for them, but when its the other way around, they whine.

damn these idiots. Why hasnt anyone hacked their site yet.

Myze4053d ago


Bioshock and KZ2 are only related because they are both FPS. KZ2 may have better graphics and gameplay, but I can 100% guarantee the storyline of Bioshock will make KZ2's "look like a$$." Bioshock has no multiplayer, it is a story-based FPS, and probably the best of it's kind ever made (System Shock 2 is good, but I don't see how people compare it to Bioshock in terms of story-telling, also, Half-Life 1 and 2 have good stories and better gameplay, but again, the story doesn't come close to Bioshock's).

It's no different than comparing any other two very different games - enjoy them for what they are, because a comparison makes no sense. A comparison with KZ2 against CoD4 and Resistance 2 is much more feasible, however. Also, you say you don't care about any other games anymore. Maybe you should change your name then, because you are doing a great disservice to LBP with that statement.

As for Kotaku, they sound like they are whining (which I'm sure they are)..."*cry* it's not fair!!..." Then again, it's not like they've ever done anything to expect more from them.

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Timesplitter144054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Kotaku.... just shut up

what's next?

''LBP is bad because it's an exclusive and it encourages hostility between the PS3 and X360 factions''?

Zerodin4054d ago

Bioshock's story really makes the game.
DLC fail.

DavidMacDougall4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Its a shame then thats all your consoles is getting is DLC

EDIT: Beat you ArchaicWeed LOL

ThatCanadianGuy4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

"DLC Fail"

Yep,that pretty much sum's up you're exclusive GTA DLC.

Double owned.

sonarus4054d ago

lol @not fair on 360 owners...i guess it was fair to PS3 owners when it was exclusive for a yr:)

jams_shop4054d ago

*reads "Kotaku" flashes middle finger at story*

VMAN_014054d ago

Didn't read the article, I just read the title and saw the Kotaku link. Big surprise there lol.

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