Will the 360 or PS3 suffer from Nintendo's Success and the Economic Crisis?

"We need to eat in order to live -- that's our first priority , but entertainment and the enrichment of our souls must come in second place, said a very defiant Shigeru Miyamoto on the UK's Channel 4 News last week".

He was being asked about how the credit crunch affects the gaming industry. While I salute Mr. Miyamoto's enthusiasm and his no doubt genuine belief that the Wii and the DS can come second place to the necessities needed to live, he did dance around the subject matter. He knows Nintendo is safe. But what about the rest of the industry, Mr. Miyamoto? One of your competitors could end up as roadkill under your van of fun and entertainment as it careens down the financial highway with people gathering around the roads, their hands in the air with fistfuls of dollars, screaming "I want to get fit!"

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Spike473657d ago

combo. Americans are facing tough times, most will turn to cheap consoles, and the wii seems to be the perfect casual, cheap console of all.

then again, maybe the steady stream of AAA games on both the PS3 and Xbox360 will lead people away from Nintendo's money-making machines.

Danja3657d ago

The Econmic crisis wont influence most gamers to turn to the Wii , the PS3 has been selling really well all year even though it's twice the price of the Wii..and I expect hardware sales to increase more as time goes on...

Captain_Sony3657d ago

Lack of money influences everyone. Shame that with the PS2 and WIi both outselling the PS3 and 360 that you were able to come to that conclusion. Sorry but from my perspective the very thing you say wont happen is happening every day. You just for some reason feel that 150 million other gamers feel the same way you do.

chaosatom3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Wii is appealing to a whole new market of gamers.

Ps3 is selling just like the ps2. Sure lots of ps2 owners have a Wii but I don't think having wii is replacing the PS3.

What nintendo did do right was launch aside ps3. Ps3 was 600 Wii was 250. So those who thought of buying a ps3 were turned off by the price and Wii took its place.

But I think now ps2/Wii owners are starting to show interest in ps3 and more games, more services, conversion towards HD, some price cuts and it's reputation will make eventually replace Wii by ps3.

CHECK THIS LINK out to know what I mean:

Danja3657d ago

well if we're going through an economic recession right now...and hardware/software sales are sp high then i dont wanna see what those figures are gonna look like when everything goes back to normal....

Captain_Sony3657d ago

PS3 isnt selling at the same level PS2 was. How can you be so misinformed? Go check out Vgchartz and look at the PS2 VS PS3 sales from launch day. PS2 was about about 8-9 million ahead of where the PS3 is now in its life cycle. Look at it this way. 140 million of 8 years is 17.5 million a year average. Ps3 is just now after 2 years around 17 million.PS2 was sold out for the better part of a year after launch. PS3 wasnt sold out anywhere 3 weeks after launch.

Danja3657d ago

That was actually pretty cool...and someof the comments are just down right a good way..

as I always say ne one who buys a Wii will eventually buy an HD console to go with the Wii...."PS3"..^.^

ChickeyCantor3656d ago

" What nintendo did do right was launch aside ps3. Ps3 was 600 Wii was 250. So those who thought of buying a ps3 were turned off by the price and Wii took its place.

What part of the audience of Wii are you talking about?
You do realize that Nintendo did sh/t loads of promotion to get these so called "non-gamers" to buy a Wii?
The controller convinced them not the whole HD stuff.

The promotion Sony put out was by far pathetic, Me as a gamer understood their weird commercials but holy crap casual people were thinking WTF was that.
Not saying Ps3 won't be fine, but saying that it was the price is far from the truth.
Sony just handled their marketing like launch time that is.
You see more progrese, that's true.

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Nikkelz3657d ago

somethings might be recession resistant but not recession proof,nintendo is just having a great run right now,but the fun time is gonna be over real soon unless they start marketing harder for the wii owners because i do see things slowing down as the 18 to 40 year olds start eating the ps3 and xbox 360 this christmas because a deal is a deal and pse with its blu-ray and the xbox with its netflix looks like the the 2 headed grim reaper

if you agree with me even a lil bit give the kid a,peace and keep gaming

yanikins1113657d ago

actually i think th ps3 will benefit most (atleast in the short term) from the economic problems. Here in australia, alot of people are getting money (similar to the "stimulus cheques" sent out by the US government) which they are encouraged to spend. I know alot of people getting 1-2 thousand and planning on buying ps3's and new tv's just because its a good way of being able to afford the luxuries without resorting to using credit. and i think the ps3's added price tag is actually benefeicial here. people figure "i can afford a 360 if i really want one, but the ps3 is still out of my price range so i'll get it while i can"

just a different take on things...

on that, lbp is awesome....

ahnonamis3656d ago

Sony just seems to understand what they need to do to increase sales in tough times more than Microsoft. Pretty much anywhere you go there's incentives to buy a PS3 or get one free with an HDTV in Australia's case.

DFresh3657d ago

I feel 360 will suffer more then PS3 for a variety of reasons.
-Whether or not the PS3 sells well right now or not due to the economy people still buy PS2 & PSP so they could survive regardless of how the world economy operates.
-360 will have some tough problems. Microsoft only has one console to fall back on and put all of their efforts in. (Better for marketing on their part but bad long term when it comes to the diversity of consumers and their budgets.
-I got nothing against 360 cuz I'm getting one this Christmas to add to my PS3 but still I feel 360 is in a rougher spot then Sony is at this point in time.

NaiNaiNai3657d ago

360. >.> its what 60 bucks more then a new ps2 slim. dont say crap about a HDD, because you don't need a hard drive if your not downloading, and i dont see alot of parents letting there kids freely spending there credit cards right now.
360 has a large price range variance. not to mention it has such a large marketing at the moment. in the past 3 weeks i have seen dozens apon dozen of 360 commercials. T_T I've seen 1, ps3 commercial. and all that that said was. "christmas list", no price, no actual game, just a kid in a alley with a little reflection of motor storm in the water. "which no parent is going to notice." so sony isn't doing so well with there marketing.

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