Disgaea series developer Nippon Ichi signs contract to develop for Wii

Nippon Ichi, the Disgaea series developer, are taking their talents to the Wii. On November 4th the company signed a contract to become an official Wii developer. Knowing the savvy Siliconera audience you're probably aware of this already. Inside a long list of WiiWare games Nippon Ichi's first title was inadvertently announced.

Let's Hitchhike (temporary name) is slated for a March 2009 release on WiiWare in Japan. We still don't know anything else about it, but it sure doesn't sound related to Disgaea. So, how long will it be until a thousand prinnies are chained to a thousand computers to make a Disgaea game for the Wii?

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sinncross4049d ago

They already make titles for the DS so it was gonna happen sooner or later then that would develop for the Wii.

Though I wonder what kind of success they will have on the system though... I'm sure Disgaea sold better on the PSP then NDS, but of course the NDS came after so perhaps that's not a good example.

Their titles are quite niche, so we'll have to see whether the wii is the place to be for them. I personally don't think they'll break better ground then on the PS2, but anything is possible with the Wii I suppose.

i just want to see what their new PS3 title is... they apparently upped the graphics from their old sprites.