What's Next For The Tomb Raider Franchise

Spanning 23 years across multiple media platforms, Lara Croft’s brazen adventures and notorious tomb raiding has made her a legendary cultural icon.

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AnubisG421d ago

A remake of the first trilogy just like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro got hopefully. That would be nice.

UltraNova421d ago

I have a feeling the originals wont fit that well in today's standards...

AnubisG421d ago

I think they would. Look at all the 8-bit style indie titles and various games coming out today. If that old looking new stuff can fly, than I think the Tomb Raider trilogy could work as well. Personally, I'm even willing to pay $60/TR game remake. I know I'm in the minority but I'm a huge TR fan.

Profchaos420d ago

Those tank controls are near unplayable these days honestly I tried to replay the first two games and they aged poorly

-Foxtrot421d ago

That would be great but not like Tomb Raider Anniversary

Just the originals as they were with better controls, animations and graphics

AnubisG421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Yes, that is what I'd like. Anniversary was fine other than the quicktime events but it wasn't the remake I'd wanted.

gamer7804421d ago

Laras character and story got lost with the most recent reboot. i want to see back a confident acrobatic world traveling Lara. A linear story with great puzzles.

thesoftware730421d ago

Had a blast playing the first 2 reboots..brilliantly done games. The opening of shadow is amzing on my 4k hdr... here's hoping I like it all the way through.

Orionsangel421d ago

Go back to basics. Bring back classic Lara Croft. Here's my concept. You make a new classic style Tomb Raider game but with cartoony cell shading graphics. A super deformed look for Lara, but not that deformed. An Adult Swim type cartoon. Sell the game for cheaper like $29.99 digital only.

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The story is too old to be commented.