SCEE: PS Home open beta still on track, talks on recession, price cuts

So we didn't see any PlayStation 3 price cuts this year. Will we at least see any next year?

The answer is a definite maybe. SCEE's executive VP Jim Ryan says "We'll look at pricing decisions for 2009 sometime in 2009. It's too early to tell."

On the other hand, he does say that Sony's gaming division doesn't seem to be affected by the economic recession, so that's promising:

The received wisdom on this is that when there's a recession, people stay at home and watch movies and play games. Everything that we've seen so far on sell-through for both hardware and software is that that's the case.

Our numbers don't seem to be affected so far, and we're tracking very nicely against our plans. This is a different economic climate to certainly anything I've experienced, so who can tell where it ends up? But as of now, we're happy the way sales are going.

[...] I think we will be less affected than most business categories.

Also, last we heard, the 45nm Cell Chip starts mass production next year...............

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Arsenal4Ever4563d ago

Thats nice can't wait. The 45 nm are those the ones that consume less electricty and dont make loud sounds?

El_Colombiano4563d ago

Last time I checked, processors do not make any noise. Now I doubt they will reduce the fan size and the heat sink size but it will be more energy saving.

ultimolu4563d ago

It will lower the cost of the PS3 I believe.

Fishy Fingers4563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

Means more chips per wafer, so cheaper for the manufacturer (Sony). Also more energy efficient, using less electricity and there for less heat produced.

If Sony are looking for a means to cut the price or "shrink" the console this is it.

The Killer4563d ago

sony PR's loves to say there is no price cut when there will be soon, how soon well i say after 3 months.

beginning of january ps3 and all other console sales will be down more than half, and with the economic crisis 400 vs 300 vs 250 well sure the 400 is not an attractive in january-febuary with the economic crisis, so at that time sony will make a price cut!!

and way am not waiting for a price cut, i know 400 USD is more than worth it am waiting for the right time for me to buy it!

CrippleH4563d ago

Smaller chips consume less energy and produce less heat and it's cheaper to make.

I do think it'll help reduce the size of fans and heat sink because months ago an article said that heat sink is overkill for efficient cooling.

Not only that Sony is taking out some flash memory and making use of the hard drive for that to save money.

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joebahrjoebahr4563d ago

lowers the cost of the ps3, along with killzone and a few other things, microsoft will THAN have its hands full competing with that and THATS from a MS fanboy!

cause i know my white ass will be buying a 80 gig or the 120 or 160 whatever gig it is, im so sick of this 40 gig.

if only they could bring back backwards compatability..

TrooGamer4563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

I guess the people actually in the beta are using vaporware as you pput it??

Your a funny guy.

Oner4563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

Total lack of knowledge for the correct usage of the word.

ultimolu4563d ago

ALAN WAIT = Was vaporware until it was resurrected from the dead.

Go fail some more Mart...better yet, eat a box of failios and get off Sony's back already.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4563d ago

IT'S REAL!!! ;-P

The POOR POOR xBot Zombie Retarded Caveman Lemmings on this who said it wasn't real are WRONG(AGAIN)!!! ;-D
It makes the xBox 360 (Hmm) Version look like 'Barbie Dolls'!!! ;-D

The Best bit was the 'Games Room!!!' in HOME ;-P

It's well good!!!;) + It's the FUTURE!!! Ahh...SONY ARE GODS!!! ;)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4563d ago

'GOD Ken Kutaragi' ;-D
That will be my New name once the xBots on this have taken all my Bubbles!!! ;-D

whoelse4563d ago

we won't see a slim ps3 next year, not until sales peak.

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