PlayStation 4 Hits 100M Shipments Faster than any Other Console & Switch Tracking Inline With PS4

Sony shipped 3.2 million PlayStation 4 units between the start of April and the end of June, it announced Monday. That brings total lifetime shipments since its 2013 launch to 100 million, making it Sony's third console, after the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2, to join that club. The PlayStation 3, the odd Sony console out, shipped just over 87 million units during its lifetime.

Sony has even more to chortle about: The PS4 is the fastest console to ship 100 million units, according to Niko analyst Daniel Ahmed. It hit that milestone in five years and seven months, faster than the PS2's five years and nine months. The Nintendo Wii, the only other console to break 100 million in shipments, took around six years and eight months to do so.

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When you actually do what the system is designed to do (have kick ass games) you are successful, Not go Kinect or TV Cable or streaming bullshit

nix79d ago

It started from PS3 days. Sony had said that it's difficult to depend on 3rd party exclusives. GTA became multiplat plus other games too. So they had to create their own strong first party exclusives. We're all reaping the seeds that was sowed last generation.

Congratulations to Sony and all the gamers.

_SilverHawk_79d ago

Ps4 is the best console this generation and it's very successful mostly because of its high quality exclusive games. I cant wait for ps5

S2Killinit79d ago

I think it started with PS1

79d ago
rainslacker79d ago

Sony's been working on that goal since they first started. Even before PS1 launched, they were building and buying studios, and using 2nd party to fill in the gaps. Now, they have fewer 2nd party games, but a lot more 1st party games, and the 3rd party is still supported and there. The difference this gen from last is that they designed the system working with 3rd party, and their own internal developers, to determine what they would want to be supported, instead of making assumptions that they would just get support because of the PS name....even though they never really lost support with the PS3.

I think their efforts finally came to full fruition last gen, when their 1st party, whose always been good, started delivering the high profile AAA games that really stand out and get people to notice the system. They also diversified enough to keep casuals interested, and while we may not pay attention to it, things like SingStar were extremely popular. This gen went from being just recognized for their high quality games, to be praised profusely for them, and I think with MS own lack of quantity in the same space of high profile games, that Sony has had the oppurtunity to really stand out and that kind of recognition is going to carry them really heavily into next gen beyond just having a bunch of empty promises. When it comes down to it, the products are what is selling the console, and will build their reputation, because the greater market doesn't care what people are saying, just what they see and can do.

LordJamar78d ago

Microsoft literally doing the same thing

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NarutoFox79d ago

But that certain group don't believe that

RpgSama79d ago

"The 3.2 million units sold is up from the 2.6 million units of last quarter (Q4 FY2018) and identical to the 3.2 million earned in the same quarter last year."

Now put that against the 48% drop in sales YoY for Xbox that people were downplaying as "normal" for a console going into the end of the generation, just more goal post moving.

XxExacutionerxX79d ago

The first comment to this news is a typical Sony fanboy comment. Not a “that’s awesome Sony, congratulations on 100 million”.

The Wood79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Call it fanboy all you want. . There's truth in that and if you've been here long enough you must of heard every excuse or deflection under the sun why a particular brand isn't on the same level. Some even going full retard and focusing on Sony's frailties under the guise of concern, elevating them to being big big issues. . . . Censorship being the latest one until you know what happened with cigarettes. Before that it was cross play. . . . .

My point is despite all of Sony's ''missteps'' they've continued to thrive and have now reached a commendable milestone. Can the comment of been worded differently. . . Yeah. . Is it the truth. . Yeah, Microsoft were their own worst enemy.

rainslacker79d ago

And the similar article last week from MS financial reporting was that it was perfectly normal to see an almost 50% drop in YOY sales of the console.....from what I'd say most would consider an Xbox fan boy.

The difference is, is that one was wrong, the other just pointing out one reason why one is winning.

badz14979d ago

remember when MS said "whoever reached 10mil the fastest, win the generation"?

ah...good times

Jin_Sakai79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Not only did PS4 reach 100 million shipments, It also hit 1 billion games sold.

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MoonConquistador79d ago

Will need to wait a few years to find if the Switch has these kind of sales over the longer term.

Congrats to Sony and Nintendo

execution1779d ago

It'll probably slow down when the next gen consoles launch

Fist4achin79d ago

I would imagine the talk and anticipation of the ps5 has already affected the ps4 sales.

DarXyde79d ago

Somehow, I doubt that. Next generation's consoles will be primarily western in appeal, but Japan belongs to Switch. I guarantee that much.

The consoles I am sure will do fine all around, but I do not believe Switch sales will slow down, especially with a lower price point, wider demographic appeal, and big upcoming titles.

badz14979d ago

this should send chills to Nintendo's spine. the fact that the PS4 selling more units or equally as much units compared to the new Switch for the 3rd year running is amazing. the PS4 shipped more console that the Switch this quarter too and that's saying something

Applejack79d ago

This is incredible especially for a console that hasn’t really dropped its price that much. Just wait until it retails at $200.

S2Killinit79d ago

Wow ! I didnt know it was selling that fast.

solideagle79d ago

Sony: switch is a threat and it should be eliminated
PS4: Deploying PS5

on topic: well done to Sony, I still think PS2 was the best console of all time...too many games :)

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