Concrete Genie Preview: Shawn Layden said "We have to make this game" it's perfect for PS4

PixelOpus' second game is a heartwarming tale about bullying and the power of creativity. PlayStation bosses knew they had to publish the game as soon as they saw it.

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Pepin424d ago

It's such a beautiful game, and with a wonderful message too!

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Kribwalker424d ago

My most anticipated PS4 game this year. looks cool. Might get me to use my ps4 this year

RpgSama424d ago

LOL, stop trying so hard.

Dragonscale424d ago

Well it looks better than anything on xbone thats for sure.

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Hardiman424d ago

Really interesting premise and it's also visually impressive to boot. Can't wait to give it a go!

Pepin424d ago

From what I've played on it so far, I'm really into the stop-motion inspired aesthetic and anti-bullying vibe - and for £24.99 you can't really go wrong!

Hardiman424d ago

Agreed and when a game comes along that is so innovative and has a great message, how can you not be excited?!?!