The Gamers Temple: Fable 2 Review

Review By Jason Nimer:

"Well, I did it. I finished Fable II, the long-awaited sequel to the original Xbox's action RPG bestseller. That is kind of starting at the end, though, isn't it? Let me backtrack for a moment. Fable II on the Xbox 360 was my first true foray into the Fable universe; my experience with the first was a few fleeting moments of play at a friend's house where I remember thinking, "Diet Zelda? Just one calorie, not enough Zelda." Incorrect or not about the first, I went into Fable II completely fresh-faced and with no reservations about what I was about to experience. About 20 hours later, I see Fable II for exactly what it is: a flawed RPG with some fantastic elements, some tedious and flawed ones to match and an overall experience that just can't seem to decide on a direction."

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chaosatom3658d ago

ouch. This is the lowest score fable 2 got. At least on metacritic.

fufotrufo3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Nice job Gamers Temple...bravo

Everyone is entitled to an opinion ..but a 73? cmon! thats just stupid

this game does so much an absolute achivment ....a new and fresh experience that people should enjoy!

Fable just went down to 89 on metacritic thanks to this magnificent review becasue he wanted Fable II to be like Zelda

SUP3R3658d ago

The funniest thing for me is how seriously you guys take MetaCritic.
It's also very sad as well...pathetic actually.
*meh* whatever makes you satisfied, I guess

GiantEnemyCrab3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

If you want a Zelda game go play freakin Zelda! Is this some Nintendo nerd trying to get himself to like the Xbox 360 or something?

I know these are just opinions but this was the weakest score and completely out of line for such a great game.

Never heard of this site and I regret clicking the link. I won't ever make that mistake again.