Nintendo Is Letting The Great GameCube Catalog Of Games Gather Dust

A look at what Nintendo could be planning with GameCube remasters, since it clearly doesn't want a virtual console on Switch.

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PhoenixUp781d ago

There’s a wide array of GameCube, Wii & 3DS games Nintendo could remaster for Switch but they seem to only ever focus on remastering Wii U games

patrick1781d ago

The Switch is a Wii U redo. I think Nintendo will eventually get back to the GameCube Catalog in hopes of competing with the Next-Gen consoles.

badz149781d ago

wow more cry for old ports?? remember the times NIntendo fanboys calling the PS4 as RemasterStation 4?

how time has changed

Neonridr781d ago

Everything in the first 2 years of the XB1 and PS4 was simply devs remastering games again. I'd love to have Gamecube titles on my Switch eventually, but I'd sooner have new games first.

brando008781d ago

I'm well into Metroid Prime right now running the GC game on a Wii. The controls take some getting used to, but damn is it a good Metroid title. Surely the trilogy will release on Switch, but there are still so many titles from older generations that could shine on the console. The Super Mario Galaxy games and entire catalogue of 3DS titles come to mind.

BadElf781d ago

Sad. So many good N64/Gamecube options.
Love seeing all companies do it. MS and Sony should do more as well.

(as long as a lot of new games are being released as well)