Gamestop Is Becoming Careless: Hands Out Left 4 Dead Early Access Demo To Anyone

GameXtract writes "Gamestop is known for always getting the goodies deal with almost every title they receive allowing those who pre-order to cash in on some extra action figures, booklets or even demos, and closed betas. Left 4 Dead is currently in a early access phase of its demo in which pre-orders get an extra five days to play the demo before its open to all. Currently only those that pre-order the game from Steam or Gamestop/Eb Games get the special promotion, but in case you haven't already noticed, Gamestop are quite the lazy bunch."

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CloudsEnd4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Gah, damn you vader!

PureGamer4054d ago

can someone whos got a spare code pm me with it please.

cpuchess4054d ago

Gamestop ripped me off. I just preordered yesterday and now their website says they are out of codes.

butterfinger4054d ago

I can't believe they just ran out of codes for it. This is one of my most anticipated titles of the year!

f7897904053d ago

I had to wait a week after LBP's release date to buy it.

Ronnie074054d ago

I'm not complaining... ;-)

kittoo4054d ago

First one who does PM will get it.
PC version (I am not sure if codes are different for different versions)

kittoo4054d ago

Hope and enjoys it and I am sorry guys, I had just one spare code.

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