IGN: Battling the Last Remnant

Square Enix's next role-playing game is nearly out for Xbox 360 and IGN finally got the opportunity to check out the game's battle system in localized English. The game stars Rush, a young fellow whose parents have left him in charge of his sister while they're off doing important research.

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MrWonderful3685d ago

im kinda excited about this game. i cant wait to play it but i will have to wait til next year when it hits the ps triple. i have spent way to much money in the past two months on games. gotta let the wallet get fat again.

RPG Guy3685d ago

System looks so basic, lag and pretty mediocre and cliche animations and models all around. I loved Mistwalker's work and Tales of Vesperia on 360, but I'll wait for White Knight and Star Ocean over getting this game.

truehunter3685d ago

Still have to wait for tha PS3 version.... O well Valkyria Chronicles & Eternal Sonata will keep be buzy.

Baba19063685d ago

got to wait for the ps3 version sadly. but well guess ill surivie it.