Gears Of War Has A Lot To Teach Other Games About How To Build A Map

Gears of War established a standard for map design in online multiplayer that many other multiplayer games should seek to fulfill.

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DaDrunkenJester731d ago

Gridlock is just a classic map. Gears 4's new maps were kinda hit and miss, but hopefully Gears 5 can pick it up. I like that they are adding back in environmental dangers to maps, but they need better quality from the jump.

monkey602731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

I can't decide if I love or hate that there's no power weapon points anymore. You just buy the weapons with killstreak earnings. Which is great when you are playing without a party against a decent team but feels like the badass holding a point is gone

While I enjoy it there better be other combination offerings later. No gnasher and lancer/longshot combo is dissapointing

DaDrunkenJester730d ago

That is only in the one Arcade mode. Don't worry

monkey602730d ago

Ah I should have known that but I've actually been on media blackout for the game outside of the tech test. Thanks bud

monkey602731d ago

Gears will always be one of my fondest online memories and right now the sole reason I even have an Xbox. There's something insanely satisfying about the game

KickSpinFilter730d ago

Last gen it was Gears and Shadow Complex that I always felt like I was missing out on. I just was not enough for me to justify another console. Shadow Complex did eventually come out on PS4 this gen, it was good.