TopazGigaPixel AI-enhanced HD Texture Packs released for over 150 classic Nintendo 64 games

DSOGaming writes: "Nintendo 64 fans, here is something really special for you today. Gaming Revived has been releasing AI-enhanced HD Texture Packs for a lot of Nintendo 64 games that PC gamers can enjoy via various emulators. What this means is that we can finally enjoy all the classic N64 games with better textures thanks to the newly introduced AI enhancement techniques."

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frostypants583d ago (Edited 583d ago )

"AI" No. Everyone is using "AI" as a substitute term for "algorithm" to hype things up. It's not AI.

FlyingFoxy583d ago (Edited 583d ago )

I've tried this software and it gave some impressive results when i used it to upscale an image from a standard definition anime, cleaned up the noise and made the overall image quite a bit clearer. It could pass as a 720p remaster at least. Though i did try it on some other images from the anime with different lighting and the results weren't as good.

I suspect the AI needs more training but NP as I'm sure it will get better. I'll try to batch import a full scene later and see how much it improves it when converted to video.

Here's a couple samples i did difference is easy to spot if you zoom in a bit.

And this