Angelina Jolie Losing Weight Thanks to the Nintendo DS

Here is a bit of news that will get the male portion of 1UP's audience to perk their ears up a bit: Angelina Jolie not only allows her children to play videogames, but thanks to Konami's Let's Pilates for the Nintendo DS, Jolie is now reaping the benefits of the gaming age.

According to a report from, Jolie is using the the game to rid herself of that pesky baby weight she accumulated while carrying the twins she bore back in July. Through her son Maddox's DS, Jolie has been exercising using virtual pilates, and thanks to the loose lips of a family insider, 1UP knows that she "tries to get in an hour of pilates three times a week" and is apparently already at the hardest setting.

"My kids play video games. I let them play with toy soldiers", she said. "We don't take war and violence lightly, but we don?t hide it from anybody." The same goes for their movies -- they explain to their children that while they both may be acting violently in their movies, there is a big difference in real-life, even when playing a character like Lara Croft.

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CrippleH4053d ago

Screw that. That pic makes me say screw Palin I rather nail Jolie.

chaosatom4053d ago

I think u mean Tina Fey, not Palin. lol.

MidnightProwler4053d ago

You want to screw Palin?!?!?1 LOL!!!!

JsonHenry4053d ago

I always thought she needs to gain weight. Her bony legs looks like something you would expect from a skeleton. Not a live woman.

MaxXAttaxX4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Even though I dislike Palin, I think I'd seriously do her!

sumguy814053d ago

i can't believe this is a top story on N4G. i didn't realize fanboys had time to worship actors as well...

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Yi-Long4053d ago

... it's losing weight!

She's skinny as a stick the last few years. She looked MUCH better a bunch of years ago, when she did Gia and Tomb Raider etc.

She looks absolutely horrible nowadays. Eat some food, woman! She had the perfect body and now she looks like she hasnt eaten in weeks.

She better be playing Cooking Mama.

Kyur4ThePain4053d ago

Gaming related? Maybe.
News? Hell no.

Hentai4053d ago

Angelina jolie needs to go get laid.

Panthers4053d ago

wait, YOU are saying that SHE needs to get laid? LOL

T12AN4053d ago

Its good that she lets her kids play what they want, but still talk about the difference between the real world and the virtual world. More parents should be like that.

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