David Cage: Quantic Dream Looking To Publish Games Across All Genres

Quantic's new deal with NetEase lets it become a publisher and expand its ambition, the CEO says.

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gamer78041764d ago

I hope their primary focus is still these narrative driven games though, be a shame if the abandoned what they are known for.

mixelon1764d ago

Conversely I’d rather they applied their levels of production to almost anything else. They’ve attempted again and again to do this super serious but actually a b-movie games, and if you imagine them as any other medium they’d be mediocre at best.

They may be known for these narrative driven games but they’re freaking terrible at writing. 😅 David Cage is (virtually) a b movie director who thinks he’s freaking Spielberg or Kubrick (And often gets hyped up as such, like he’s some visionary) but he’s awful. Makes even the trashiest Stephen king story look like a masterwork.

And I love B movies, sci fi, trash cinema, every single box he’s trying to tick. Bah.

LoveSpuds1764d ago

I think Quantic Dreams come in for more criticism than they deserve, I personally enjoyed the story in each of their games over the PS3 and PS4 generations.

I would be interested to see a commitment to that kind of narrative and story but delivered through a different genre of game, to see what they could do with a good action game or shooter for example.

Poopmist1764d ago

I bet it'll still be interactive movies starring girls with stupidly short hair

gangsta_red1764d ago

Hmmmm... that's an interesting observation. I wonder if that's intentional

IamTylerDurden11764d ago

Detroit and Heavy Rain were the best games of their genre at the time. Currently Detroit is the best interactive narrative driven "adventure" game ever made. Visuals, voice acting, meaningful choice, and choice graph put every other game in the genre to shame. Girls with short hair? Ok, if that's what is important to you as a gamer/critic, sure..

Poopmist1764d ago

I mean, it's just David Cage's stuff competing with some indie games for the best in this genre. The better narrative driven games usually add strategic combat and vast game worlds like HZD, Mass Effect, Kotor, Planescape Torment, etc.

CrimsonIdol1763d ago

What a load. I love adventure games with good stories but I got Heavy Rain for free and still felt ripped off. Like that game has anything on any proper adventure game. If your focus is on everything OTHER than the "interactive", the "narrative driven", the "adventure" or the "game" parts of these interactive narrative driven "adventure" games then sure, I guess they're alright. But the stories, characters and gameplay loops are TERRIBLE.

THC CELL1764d ago

I think everybody should enjoy his games they are really good deserve more than what he gets

IamTylerDurden11764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


Even with QD's relationship seemingly fractured with Sony by going multiplat and signing with NetEase i still have to be honest about what they do. Their games do deserve more attention, at least everything after Heavy Rain and particularly Detroit. It's a shame Detroit went PS+ because that game deserved to sell. However, i'm happy that millions more people will have the chance to realize the overwhelming quality of that game.

Clancy Brown and Lance Henriksen were phenomenal in Detroit. Jessie Williams and Valorie Curry were solid as well. Tremendous voice cast.

ClayRules20121764d ago

Wholeheartedly agree.

I’ve loved everyone Quantic Dream game since Heavy Rain, and Detroit is “in my opinion” their absolute best game.

I hope many others will really give him and the team a chance!

IamTylerDurden11764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Shame Sony didn't lock them down but i get it. You make a masterpiece like Detroit with a significant budget and incredibly high production value yet critics rate it a 78 Metacritic and sales are merely decent. What can you do? Where do you go from there when you've already given your best and it doesn't get the notoriety it clearly deserves? In 2010 critics were enamored with Heavy Rain and the narrative driven "adventure" game genre despite its obvious flaws. In 2018 critics were over the genre, had a grudge against David Cage, and literally invented reasons to criticise Detroit. I mean, The Walking Dead and Life is Strange won GotY from certain publications. As fun as those games were at times, masterpieces they were not..

When a game like Before the Storm scores higher than Detroit within the same genre what do you do? Before the Storm was so vastly overrated, the choice was meaningless, the acting was poor, the script had no impact, and the special episode with the deluxe edition was a joke. Absolute waste of money.

TK-661764d ago

"Where do you go from there when you've already given your best and it doesn't get the notoriety it clearly deserves?"

I don't think you know what notoriety means, lol. Kinda explains why you think Detroit is a masterpiece though.

Yui_Suzumiya1763d ago

The bonus episode from Before the Storm was one of the most touching moments I'd had in 30 years of gaming. Life is Strange sits at #2 in my list of best games. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Quantic Dream too and the last 3 games were day 1 purchases as well.

Summons751764d ago

I would love for them to do Dark Sorcerer as a Fantasy/Comedy and then see what they could do with the horror genre.

ClayRules20121764d ago

I’d love to see them the Dark Sorcerer as well. It’d be something really different from them (and just from that hilarious tech demo) it could be really darn funny, with sprinklings of emotion here and there in the story.

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