GameZone: NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Storm Review

GameZone writes: "One of these days, they will get it right.

This is something I would say to myself often when the first Naruto games began showing up on a number of platforms. As a loyal fan of both the manga and anime, it was exciting to see games based on our favorite ramen-loving orange ninja. As a hardcore gamer and reviewer, on the other hand, I couldn't help but be disappointed by a number of the Naruto games released … that is until the Xbox 306's Naruto: Rise of a Ninja came out. Then, something else happened recently and that something is Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm for the PlayStation 3. At last, the day they got it right is here."

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ArtisianDragon4048d ago

That score is about right. Some give it a 9 some give it a 10, but I think an 8.5 is justified (especially with no Zabuza or my Haku come on now! >_< ), but this game really is enjoyable. Love the storyline, just hate how you have to do other missions on the side just to progress in the story. Also dislike how some support characters cannot be used, which Cyberconnect would have taken the game the way of Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 2. Which would have had every character playable up to a point in shippuuden. Granted I wouldn't have cared if they went shippuuden, or if they ended where they did (Which is a fine spot) Just wish every character was playable, and hope the DLC will allow for this and the support characters won't be just support but also playable. As I've grown used to using shizune in battle. Though I suppose one can dream that cyberconnect2 (Awesome company) will change and make the supports playable later on.