#BringBackKI trends on Twitter as Killer Instinct hits Xbox Game Pass

Killer Instinct is a woefully underrated and overlooked fighting game from Microsoft and Iron Galaxy. Today, Killer Instinct began to trend on Twitter after one of the game's biggest supporters on YouTube kickstarted a wave of renewed interest.

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Kribwalker730d ago

let’s do it. KI was my 2nd best fighter this gen

gangsta_red730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Pretty amazing how two separate teams Double Helix and then Iron Galaxy, did superb jobs on this title. Usually when another dev team gets a game they ruin it.

Pretty much one of the few games from MS this gen that was done right.

KI definitely deserves a sequel and Joanna Dark needs to be added to the roster like rumors suggested.

Props to Iron Galaxy also

jznrpg730d ago

The only game that made me jealous of Xbox entire generation .

Spurg730d ago

Kl needs a dedicated Dev to it

timotim730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Would love to see a sequel for new hardware with a more expensive budget and better engine thrown at it. New art style would be good too.

mijayire730d ago

Microsoft had so many IPs they can release as exclusive but sadly going to waste!

Killer Instinct
Project Gotham
Banjo Kazooie
Perfect Dark

To name a few.

Tross729d ago

And people wonder why no one wants MS to buy studios. If they actually used them beyond maybe creating a compelling launch lineup for a new system, people wouldn't fret so much and would also be more inclined to buy an Xbox. Maybe with all the talk things will change but I'll believe it when I see it.

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