Pocket Gamer: Premier League Snooker 2008 Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "Perhaps we're spoiled rotten these days, or mesmerised by the leaps and bounds handheld gaming has taken recently. A game that doesn't crack the mobile's screen with astonishing graphics, exhibit a soundtrack that'd put the Prodigy's iPod to shame or singlehandedly invent a whole new gaming genre just doesn't seem worthy of praise. Premier League Snooker 2008 does none of these things, but it's a timely reminder that a good game doesn't hinge on such superficial factors.

And there's no shortage of snooker and pool games right now, so it's up against some pretty stiff competition – not least from its own 2007 incarnation, which comfortably bagged itself a Silver Award, and Steve Davis's recent foray into pool, built on the same game engine. But Shadow Light Games's experience has clearly taught the developer that trying to fix a system that isn't even faulty, let alone broken, is a shortcut to failure. Premier League Snooker 2008, therefore, is more of the same. Pocket gamers who've lost days of their lives to Shadow Light's billiard games will be very glad to hear that, we've no doubt."

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