Project CARS 3 to be officially announced soon, is 200% better than pCars 2, is "game changer"

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell has shared some new interesting details about the next part in the Project CARS series. According to Bell, the game will be officially announced soon, and it’s going to be a “revolution” and a “game changer”."

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execution171792d ago

I wonder if this what Paul Rustchynsky is working on

sprinterboy1792d ago

Well he was free I believe after the onrush release so maybe, he's geat at driving games

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Crazyglues1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

LoL.. 200% better... yeah ok -_-

-PC2 was a complete mess at launch on PS4 and it's one of the worst racing game I have ever played on a system even to this day, even after all the fail updates, y'all better aim for 900% better before I even think about wasting my money on that racing games series again.


Knushwood Butt1792d ago

Is Rushy on PC3?

PC2 bombed and disappeared in no time so if I were them I'd drop the hype and let the game do the talking.

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Forn1792d ago

Idk why it matters. The last two games he was director on failed. (Driveclub and Onrush)

execution171792d ago

Doesn't change the fact that they were both fun racing games

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AnubisG1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

200% better? Big claim. Where did I hear something similar...something like 16x the detail?🤔

Oh yeah, Fallout 76.....

sander97021792d ago

How can a car game even get a "game changer" at the end of the day it's just about driving around a race track.

Bakkies1792d ago

They have assembled a group of scientists and determined it will be exactly 200% better. Sorry, didn't mean scientists, I meant to say bullshit artists.

MarcoGT1792d ago

If you could free roam and drive around the world to different race tracks in a sim game that would be a game changer but that won't be happening for many years.

sprinterboy1792d ago

That would actually be boring rather than just select the track you want

StoneyYoshi1792d ago

I guarantee you there are people that would love to play that. Plenty of people play Start citizen and theres a lot of downtime in between each star system and planets you have to warp drive to. Even DayZ is a good example. Lots of running in a MASSIVE map just to potentially get killed and have to start all over and running another 30 minutes back to your dead body/friends you are playing with.

BenRC011791d ago

Forza horizon and the crew 2 both do this. Crew 2 is massively underrated.