Sea of Solitude Review | Quarter to Three

Tom Chick - "An awkward, self-indulgent, overly earnest indie game that at least reminded me I should go back and finish Submerged."

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harmny25d ago

quarter to three should die

jznrpg25d ago

1/5 is a broken game . This indie had decent reviews generally

coolbeans25d ago

That's not his review methodology though. A 1/5 just translates to "I hated my time with Sea of Solitude."

Krangs_Uncle25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

What a sad sad person Tom Chick is... Quite happy to drag an indie studio over glass just to self-fellate his gross narcissism.. What exactly has Tom Chick contributed to gaming, to be able to be so overly critical and quite frankly damning of anything he touches?

Cancer to the industry...

monochromer25d ago

This site consistently baits for views. I reviewed this game myself, and while it isn't a great game, it's certainly not a 1/5 by any realistic measure.

Don't give these idiots your clicks.

coolbeans24d ago

But the measurement Qt3 goes by is whether he liked it or not. In this case? This just translates to him hating his experience with Sea of Solitude. And I somewhat can't blame him.