Kombo Review: Resistance 2

Kombo writes: "With Resistance 2, Insomniac Games has shown they are a developer that can command any genre they want. Resistance 2 is perfect example of epic storytelling at its finest. It innovates the FPS genre with a unique twist on co-op modes and large scale, and its 60 person fragfests breathe excitement into the title. It does fall into some conventional FPS trappings, like linear level design, but you can't fault the game too much because the entire experience from front to cover is so polished, you can practically see your reflection when you look at it. Resistance 2 is one of the finest titles on the PS3 this year and carries the Resistance with a giant step forward."

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CrippleH3632d ago

Another good review that is justified. At least he mentions the falls and result. He pretty much justified his review score unlike other journalist *cough*1up*cough*GI*cough*

LightningPS3PS33631d ago

I'm so disappointed in it, that I'm taking Resistance off my PS3 liberary including the original.

All I have now is Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, ang Grand Theft Auto IV, and I'm gonna buy Valkyria Chronicles because it's a cool RPG.

But Resistance is out. Both of them.

Itrguy0013631d ago

Dude ur a prick so what if u can only carry 2 guns it makes it more realisitc what ur gonna store guns up ur arse? or somethin. and u can find ammo all over the place. what u just turnin into another 360 fan?

Nikkelz3632d ago

and its only because i only played the beta....i will get this game very very very soon

and to my boy high def,where you from?

NS3632d ago

for 3 days now and i must say its a 9.5 for me. Amazing game. My 3rd Best PS3 game sofar.

pilotpistolpete3632d ago

I'm guessing I'm about half way done and I think its fair to give it a 9.

For me, to nitpick, I'd say it would still of been fun to have the weapon reel and campaign slip screen coop.

The graphics are impressive, and while some textures are blurry up close, the scale of everything going on makes you overlook that. Some levels are nicely done with ships flying about in the sky.

Gameplay is fantastic,and this is THE key point for any game. The battles are intense, and give you a feeling of being overwhelmed. R1 did a good job and R2 continues the trend.

jerkstore3632d ago

^Just like your attempt at being a functioning member of human society.

Sucks to be you I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.