Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review - IGN

Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers an incredible amount of choice both on and off the battlefield alongside a thrilling story.

CDbiggen1786d ago

That's a score I like to see.

NecrumOddBoy1786d ago

The reviews seem extremely positive. I need a new Switch game to keep me bust until GOOOOOOIGI!

zoramax1786d ago

Yep looking like another GOTY contender exclusive to Switch, next will likely be Astral Chain.

LOGICWINS1786d ago

Then there's Luigi's Mansion 3. I'll have to buy FE: Three Houses, Astral Chain, and LM3 in 2020 as my Switch backlog is still so huge. I can't keep up with all these exclusive :/

jznrpg1786d ago

I’m not sure Astral Chain will be a GoTY contender but it doesn’t need to be to be a good game .

RedDevils1785d ago

I love the game so far very addictive.

RedDevils1785d ago

Not seem about right, if you even have the game that is.

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TheColbertinator1786d ago

Fire Emblem is near perfection to me with each new entry. The Switch has another winner.

TK-661785d ago

It's amazing to think that the series nearly died, and is now a staple in Nintendo's line-up. Thank God FE:A did so well so that we get gems like this.

TheColbertinator1785d ago

Awakening truly saved the day.