7 Modern Games That Couldn’t Escape Controversy

Keenan writes:

"Even today, video games are no strangers to controversy, but some have still managed to turn more heads than others for their sensitive themes or sketchy."

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ShadowWolf712432d ago

Oh, the nontroversies in Spider-Man made the list, how shocking.

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ApocalypseShadow432d ago

A couple of these were manufactured controversies to create add revenue, click bait and rile up fan boys.

In the case of Sony's games, the BS that was created had no effect and those games went on to sell quite well. And TLofU2 will also go against the crap. Surprised Days Gone isn't on the list. Another game that defied the nonsense that these imbeciles create.

It would make sense to go after things that really need to have the light shined on them by journalists, bloggers and gamers with integrity. We all know what those things are without having to pull out a list.

Segata432d ago

Do you think the lack of puddle sis bad on PS4? Switch MUA3 is so bad it only has 1 puddle! What an outrage!

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