Gamereactor reviews Mirror's Edge

White. Chalk-white. White as angels' wings. White buildings, white trees with white strains, white flower pots, white railings. If I did not know better, I would think that I was dead and in heaven. Everything is so white.

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Pennywise3657d ago

Ouch... so much for embracing innovation. This game should fall 8/10 or so... 6 seems low.

HighDefinition3657d ago

That gets a 6 from someplaces and a 9 from others.

I think it`s pretty cool, judging by the demo.

vitz33657d ago

Maybe the game has bugs. DICE has never made a game that wasn't broken on release day.

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InMyOpinion3657d ago

If there's one site you shouldn't trust too much it's Gamereactor. They hand out "strange" scores sometimes. It's nice that they don't follow IGN like most other sites but the problem is that they sometimes give games low scores because they didn't like the art direction etc.

Doppy3657d ago

Mixed reviews. check
Beautiful Graphics. check
New innovation. check

All that's left is for Mirror's Edge to sell about 5 mil. and we have another Assassin's Creed (which I think sold $6 mil).

Socom3657d ago

So basically, they rated this game down from having its own artistic design (white design)?

How the hell can you rate something down over color palette? Its their game and they decide how the game looks? I mean if they wanted rainbow colors, it wouldnt be that hard. Games are made on computers, all they had to do was select and change color!

Its like I said, game reviews are absolutely meaningless now. Very high double standards and hypocrisy in the world of gaming. Some games are totally brown and are fully overlooked. But when others developers try to do that, oh boy, bombarded to pieces.

mikeslemonade3657d ago

To me the demo was game-of-the-year material. Too bad this game is showing signs of a one-trick-pony.

Fox013657d ago

Just playing the demo for 10 minutes made me ill; maybe that's because I'm not use to the first person perspective.

Homicide3657d ago

Does anyone even know who Gamereactor is? The demo was impressive, so yeah I'm getting it.

Harryhit43657d ago

this is the first game this gen that doesn't include gun gray and sh*t brown. That already sells me.

na2ru13657d ago

how much did they sell $6million for?

3657d ago
InMyOpinion3657d ago

lol! That's what I said. They do that. I didn't even read the review but I knew they probably lowered the score for some stupid reason like the color palette. They are all a bunch of metrosexual art directors.

LuigiLogik3656d ago

I was worried that it was 3-4 hours. I think for me this game will have plenty of replay value in time trials. though i'm hoping that the levels aren't as linear as the demo (there was a alternate roof you could jump to instead of static lining it but you got insta-killed you once you landed) and i never thought that the jumps in the demo were too hard to make on the first try. unless they made the demo way more forgiving then the final copy (which is entirely possible).

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CrippleH3657d ago

This game does not deserve a 6/10 according to that demo.

More like an 8 to 10.

Close_Second3657d ago much out of the demo as some but I do feel if they had gone down a more realistic path in terms of art direction then I would have enjoyed it more.

The sterile environment, whilst obviously in keeping with the games storyline, just didn't do it for me at all. It was dull and didn't feel alive. Other than the scripted characters and occasional pigeon the city came across as being deserted.

xenogamer3657d ago

it just seems like alot of runing, and some combat, i think you guys are giving it to much credit. Alot of running in the game is not innovation... its just running. But the art direction is awesome, and if they kept that euphoric techno sountrack through out the whole game, i might rent it.

CrippleH3657d ago

I'm not a fan of this game, never was. I do think that this game doesn't deserve a score that usually bad movie games get.

Snyph3r3657d ago

and to be hurts my eyes after playing it...the color is too straining with red and blue trimming, it just not healthy to your eyes...this time, with this game, I'll believe my parents telling me that video game will ruin your sight...

CrippleH3657d ago

I agree with the eye strain comments.

The bloom is very high in this game. The white brightness is to much for my eyes.

RememberThe3573657d ago

played it till 1 in the morning.

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NovusTerminus3657d ago

Assassin's Creed got very mixed scores. This game will be no different.

Some will love it, others will hate it. Stuff like this happens.

HighDefinition3657d ago

the game was so repetitive,the game was so repetitive,the game was so repetitive,the game was so repetitive,the game was so repetitive,the game was so repetitive,the game was so repetitive,the game was so repetitive,the game was so repetitive.

ultimolu3657d ago

That's why I sold it. ~.~

HighDefinition3657d ago

Good choice, it`s shouldn`t have been release until now and it`s should have stayed exclusive to the PS3.

MastaBlasta2223657d ago

AssasSin's Creed was great and most games are repetitive.

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ape0073657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

my god,play it for minute and you'll say it's an 8-9 or more game

I see he didn't like the art direction and whine so much about everything being white,that's strange,cause the art rocks,the game is a breath of fresh air,it kinda remind me of jet grind radio

that's your taste gr,not a review,learn how to review

epic fail gr

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Forbidden_Darkness3657d ago

It just seems that they suck at the game and gave it a bad score because they could not execute the movements right