EA Access PS4 Missing Games

From PSU: "If you’ve cast your eye across the EA Access PS4 games list, you’ll notice that while it’s fairly sizable offering, there are more than a few games missing when compared to its EA Access Xbox counterpart. That’s right – EA Access PS4 missing games are a thing, sadly."

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Community85d ago
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lxeasy86d ago

thats the problem with sony not allowing backwards compatibility. Thats a long list of games that aren't on the ps ea access version. lets hope they fix this with ps5. there were rumors saying ps5 would be backwards compatible.

darthv7286d ago

Chances are PS5 will be bc only with PS4. If they were to allow bc with older then they would probably limit it to the digital titles on the PS store. Since even the PS4 could not read CD media, that eliminates disc based bc for the entirety of the PS1 and a chunk of early PS2 titles.

DarXyde85d ago

"Not allowing"? You might have a case for PS2 and PSOne, but to chalk the absence of content up to Sony "not allowing" backwards compatibility is telling of your understanding of technology.

To beat a dead horse, the architecture is worlds apart, the CPU clock speed is notably lower in PS4, and the RAM pool in one is dedicated while the other is split. The only way to emulate those games is to get the CPU cores to behave in a way mimicking that of the CELL architecture. Even then, that's not all. Sony does not allow PS2 or PSOne, but they really don't have a PS3 emulator on the PS4. It is notoriously difficult, and you're really underestimating the challenge. I might go as far as to say it is impossible on PS4.

PS5 is rumored to have split RAM pools and CPU clock speed that can match requirements of PS3. My estimation is that it'll be backwards compatible with every Playstation console, but that's just me.

Stanjara85d ago

"PS5 is rumored to have split RAM pools"- I've never heard that rumor before. Total nonsense - if previous decision of split ram was difficult to develop, why would it be done again?

Ps4 doesn't have BC, because Sony wanted You to buy old games again, and they only renewed licences, and adjusted the code for titles that can make money back for that investment Microsoft surprised them with gamers reaction for playing already owned games on a new system, so this time they are going with that for PS4 titles.

All other BC is probably going to be through PS Now - one of the incentives to actually pay for the service.

JackBNimble85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Ps4 is Sony's only console that didn't have BC out of the box and only because of the incompatible tech.

Ps5 will have BC out of the box and it won't be because of ps now

milohighclub85d ago

"Microsoft could do it." - Not if the 360 had a cell processor.

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milohighclub85d ago

Yeah, let's hope they fix it and remove ea access. It should have never come to playstation.

Amber785d ago

Nice one..Thanks for sharing

SamPao85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

what games are missing? I would expect an article like this to list that :P

knickstr85d ago

It was listed in the article in bullet points.

SamPao85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

aaah that whole list, now I see
the list is not really complete though.
and A Way out is only on playstation

Kiwi6685d ago

How is it "doom and gloom" for stating the truth that the ps4 version of ea access doesn't have as many games as the xbox one version

Silly gameAr85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

And you guys love pointing that out. You can't play old games. Boo hoo. I have my ps3 right beside my ps4.If I want to play my ps3 games, I can easily fire it up.

aconnellan85d ago

@silly gamear

“I have my ps3 right beside my ps4.If I want to play my ps3 games, I can easily fire it up“

Oh well this changes everything. Hey EA, MS and Sony! Don’t worry about backward compatibility, Silly Gamear still has his PS3. Don’t worry about anyone else, he can really easily fire it up and play it, so it’s all good.

Thanks for giving me a chuckle with that reply

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