Bungie: Halo 'Single-Handedly' Made Xbox

"Nobody at Bungie had any idea how big the original Halo or Master Chief would be to the Xbox or even the game and entertainment industries as a whole," the community manager told GamePlayer. "Bungie knew that Halo was a fun game... but had no idea it would single-handedly make or break Microsoft's entry into the game console market.

Microsoft has sold an estimated 22 million copies of Halo since the the first game launched in 2001, making it one of the most dominate modern franchises in video game history and pivotal in the success of Microsoft's foray into gaming.

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Omegasyde4225d ago

Halo 1 was a system seller to me. I bought the Xbox 1 just for that game and the system link.

Awesome game, which in my opinion took away Goldeneye's title of best splitscreen shooter of all time.

I would also state that "Gears of War" is the "Halo" of this generation of consoles.

HighDefinition4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

I think Killzone2 is gonna take that spot. We`ll find out soon.

Omegasyde4225d ago

I don't know about that, Gears of War 1 and 2 were critically acclaimed and were marketed heavily.

In both games, its man vs aliens. Killzone is Man vs Man with Asthma and red eyes. Kill zone 2 also looks like its not going to have any split screen action either.

borgome4225d ago

I've never even heard of KZ 1, and haven't heard a peep about KZ 2.

HighDefinition4225d ago

Then you`ve been living under a rock!

Look it up.

Bathyj4225d ago

Killzone might be better than Halo in everyway but its not the Halo of this gen. Omega's right, its Gears.

Where he says that he not referring to it being good or anything, (even though it might very well be.) Hes referring to the fact, it just about the only game that people got an XB for, and even now, about the only reason to get one. Its the one game the console absolutely relys on, because without it, why would people buy the machine, just like Halo was to the first Xbox.

Like I said, KZ might end up being alot better tham both of them but it still doesn't hold than importance to Sony that Halo did, or Gears does to M$, because Sony doesn't rely on ONE franchise. Especially one with a checkerd past. They're could be NO KZ2 and PS3 would still be doing fine.

Thats not to say XB and 360 didn't/dont have any other games, of course they do, but without those 2 titles, coming when they did, neither console would have sold much.

HighDefinition4225d ago

Good points.

I think Killzone2 is going to be BIGGER than most would expect, If COD4 did so well KZ2 I can see REALLY causing some noise.

TheDude2dot04225d ago

Gears is good, but it does not compare at all against Halo 1. I played Gears with my friend for two levels, then we decided to screw it and just play Halo 1 splitscreen.

Best FPS this year? My favorite would be Resistance or Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2 was something new, but I did hate how long the spawns were.

JasonXE4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

kinda. I remember splinter celll being a system seller for the original xbox and something to do with Xbox Live. The reason I got a xbox because the ps adapter wasn't out yet.

Tomdc4224d ago

In tis discussion I believe you are all missing the correct answer... its LITTLE BIG PLANET!!!!!

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Spike474225d ago

Halo practically carried xbox on its back. That's why MS has made so much advertising for the franchise. And after seeing that consumers buy into hype, they have used it on games like Gears of War 2.

kevnb4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

and guess what, Gears 1 was a game people really liked alot... All advertising does is make people aware, the game has to be liked by masses to sell well. Don't believe me? Just look at the classic massively hyped Brute Force...

ape0074225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

halo 1 was a legendary game,I want bunjie to make another classic once again

halo 3 was kinda meh tbh

can't believe how halo 3 ended up like this,it was souless

halo 1 co-op never gets old,levels and battles were epic,halo 1 was an exceptional game

halo 1 was 9.8 game

halo 3 was like 7.5

halo 2 was like 9.4

Vespertine4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

I disagree about Halo 3 being "soulless"
It was a great game-- in my opinion.

Could you tell me how Halo 3 is "soulless" to you?

All of the Halo's have been great games.

ape0074225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

halo 3 mp mode was fantastic but the sp campaign was souless,the level design,the guns(firing effect),battles,set pieces,the mission,the voice acting,it was a downgrade in all these aspects

remember the beach level in halo 1 or the snow level(my god,unbelievable good times),remember how large,deep and amazing they were,that's what I call epic

remember halo 3 levels,they were kinda empty,boring,pacing was dull,I mean the overall game design and quality was downgraded in h3

I respect your opinion but that's my opinion

Fox014225d ago

Hi Ape,
I think you should play games before passing out judgments. Don't buy into the PS3FANBOY crap you read on N4G; Halo 3 sole 8 million plus and it's still one of the most played Shooters on XBL.

HighDefinition4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

What does that have to do w/ anything he said?

BrunoM4225d ago

Fox ur right it is one of the most played online even i play it some times ...

but to me a game cant be ABOUT online play only so thats why i agree with him i LOVED halo 1 on the xbox but halo3 dosent have that IT thing any more .. the single player in halo3 dint do it for me ..

but online is a fun game ( just ask soulja boi hehe) naw but for reall its a fun game online ...

lets see what they can do wen they come out with the next one ..

NS4225d ago

Perhaps i had too high expections but Halo 3 SP was a letdown for me too.

The thing was. After Gears 1 and knowing how important Halo 3 was to MS i really thought that MS will go all out in making Halo 3 a game to remember this gen. In truth Gears 1 one year before had better graphics and Halo 1 had a much better story.

To Bungies credit the MP is great but it got overshadow with COD4 MP months later.

ape0074225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

"Don't buy into the PS3FANBOY crap you read on N4G"

here we go again

I finished h3 on legendary

what are you talking about

if you think that h3 is as good as h1 then you are admitting that you are an average gamer,simple as that

you don't know what's quality,you just saw the same art direction,themes,music,charact ers and automatically you said it's the same as h1,average gaming at its finest

DiabloRising4225d ago

I too was let down by Halo 3. Halo and Halo 2 were pretty damn awesome. Halo 3's campaign was a letdown for me. The multiplayer is cool, even though I dislike the muzzle drift. I do enjoy the color palette and visual style. I LOVE the replay/record options, and I think more games should use that in this day and age.

But the story? Bleh. Anticlimactic. I'd love to see an awesome Gravemind fight... instead we get... well you know who at the end. Lame. Also, it crossed the line, I felt, from homage into just copying Halo 1, especially the final level.

Halo 3 is NOT a bad game, just a major let down for me. EVery Xbox gamer should have the series in their collection.

Breakfast4225d ago

We'll see where MS takes the series, in a couple of years.

Im assuming, theyre going straight to the dairy factory...but the best damn dairy factory gaming has ever seen.

poopsack4225d ago

wow fox you idiot, ape is one of the level headed guys in here, he's even argued with me to prove that, and he tells it like he see's it. not his fault if you cant here the truth. I played halo 1 and 3 multiplayeron my friend's 360,they're both awesome but Halo 3's campaign was kinda dull, missing intensity.

gaffyh4225d ago

@Breakfast - I think you'll find that that is Final Fantasy

xenogamer4225d ago

i am an RPG gamer, i dont like FPS, but halo has the best universe and story that ive seen in a shooter, it really makes me sad to see that halo 3 is souless and shallow, the story is awesome!! Its funny when ppl say halo3 story sucks, and i tell them you find out soo much about medicant bias, Gravemind, the librarian, and the Precursors, and they all go... um... that wasnt in the game? what game did you play? if you read the terminals you find out sooo much, and each level of difficulty has different messages, ive read all the books too, and the story rivals those of rpgs games. My favorite rpg is xenogears so i know a thing or two about awesome stories in games. Halo 3 had the same things the other two had, you just found out more of the story thats it, the bad things tho, was it was really short, and it was more of the same, but if it aint broken dont fix i say. I cant wait for Halo recon and the next sequel.

Omegasyde4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

When Cloud or Master Chief comes out with their own sports game or a kart racer...then it will take the crown from Nintendo's Mario.

Mario is the number 1 dairy which comes from a land that is mostly lactose intolerant. ;)

ultimolu4225d ago

Fox is a fine example of what I'm talking about.
A fan with a superiority complex.

I suppose ape can't even have his own opinions in terms of what he likes to play.

Very low Fox.

pshizle4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

halo1 best campaign
halo3 2nd best campaign
halo2 campaign major disappointment false promise during e3

but anyways i love them all!!!
halo2 revolutionized multiplayer and graphix

HALO 3 FAILED UPON BEING EPIC SCALE...and graphix are not omg

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Spike474225d ago

halo 1, and halo 2 was better for me only because it looked better. Halo 3 was just not the halo I expected at all.

CrippleH4225d ago

It had the most annoying thing in Halo 3 to me.

That BS Cortana talking BS. I was all like STFU already.

4225d ago